Please introduce new dark elemental defence reducer

As a time going you introduced few new elemental defence reducer. I am not pleasantly surprised why you did not introduce dark one even it is the most rare Hero in the game what cary this special skill.

Fire and holy are 4* in the Guardian event and those who want them already have them.

Ice have 3 heroes King Atrhur with 0,2% chance from Avalon and former HOTM Frida with 1,3% chance + Atlantis and new 3* Nordi from Valhala what is pretty common hero.

Nature element have Evelyn as old HOTM 1,3% + Atlantis and new 4* hero from Valhalla. Also hero available for everybody without big investments

So please be nice on us and finaly introduce new dark hero with -54% defence reduction for dark element. Right now is only one hero Guardian Panther with 0,2% chance every 5 monts.

I did over 200+ summons in this event in my game history and I did not got any of those 5* heroes from this event.

Those Heroes are key to 14* hydra titan, where not existing huge attack raiser like are in other colours except green one. But there are at least elemental defence reducer.

You did not surprise players with Hero academy remaked Alchemy lab so surprise us with good one hero in short time. May as 4* hero in Valhalla or new HOTM, where will be this hero more available for us.

I hope my wish is the desire of more of you

Wouldn’t hurt.

My bigger desires are fast red & yellow elemental droppers but i already have panther so bit biased i guess

Tho i don’t remember struggling much on yellow hydras before i had her, just went mono dark + wilbur and included khiona in the darks

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For me it is significant difference if you attacking titan if he had 56% defence left or only 25%(Ideal situation only 20%). Very good example is fire titan. Some people are lucky to have Miki + Frida(King Arthur) + Athena (at least Isarnia or Grimm) and thanks this combination they can make massive damage. With this combination you can make 50k damage without use good tools or having good board. Good player can make 100-200k dmg depend on board and tools with one flag. I am Lucky man with owning very good nature hero combination. And my top score is over 200k dmg

My best combination against holy titan is Tarlak + Domitia + Khiona(Rigard with costume) + Sartana + Cheshire Cat.

This combination only averange and I am able to do 20-30k dmg per flag with using standard tools. With very good board somewhere 40-50k dmg but absolutly not hitting 100k or more.

My goal is having at least 200k dmg after using 5-6 flags. It is hard to reach it with this combination without expensive tools.


season 3 provided us a blue option with Nordri and a green option with Almur. Hopefully there is a dark option there soon. I was able to pull guardian jackal and falcon this last event, so I will be busy getting them ready for the battle.

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Agree. I have for now all element defence reducer just missing the dark one. I wish Valhalla will bring to us also some 4* which will be easier to summon than Guardian Panther.


You may get a 3* very doubtful a 4* panther is probably one hero people want the most just for the defence down and is pretty cool anyway

Isn’t Guardian Jackal already a very fast elemental D dropper?

1000% agree!!! And I would also love Dark Miki/Tarlak. It would make 14* holy titan so easier to beat.

Yea i meant 5* fast elemental droppers



I would love both 4* dark elemental reducer and 4* ice elemental reducer.

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I like this idea. Honestly, I believe almost all of us would welcome another dark elemental def debuff hero… especially, if the hero is a 4* or a 3*. C’mon! Who wouldn’t?

However, I don’t think SGG would be inclined to implementing this idea.
Panther is one of the biggest reasons lots of people summon during Teltoc events. It’s a good source of income for SGG.
So, strictly from a business perspective, creating another purple debuff hero (of a lower tier) wouldn’t make much monetary sense for SGG. (Notice the timing of Almur’s release. This 4* green def debuff was released more or less around the same time Legends portal became a monthly thing - so, Evelyn is pretty much available (however rare it may be) on a monthly basis.

Panther - on the other hand - is still a much coveted event hero who is available twice (at the most, thrice) in a year. If I were SGG, I’d do nothing that might impact Panther’s current standing in the game.

Having said that, if SGG does decide to bring about a new dark def reducing hero, I am sure everyone of us here will welcome that move with open arms! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for little support. Only big titan slayers can understand what I asking for and why. Event guardian is realy money paradise for SG.

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Currently Guardian Panther serves as the only dark elemental defense down hero. Since it’s very difficult to acquire such Legendary heroes, players could use another hero with such an elemental link effect. Like with costume Sabina or Cyprian, or another non-legendary pull-able hero for use on titans, etc.

I’d like to have a holy att buffer.
Should I start a topic? :wink:

It would be nice if there were epic replacements for all legends.


Like Almur for Evelyn? Hmmm. :thinking:

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No, elemental defense down is essential and a must have to do good score on titans. I know you can do fine without it but it is never as good as it is with that type of heroes. For now we have all other colors 3 or 4 star debuffer in game except dark.

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Yes like Almur is what I prefer. As a new 4* purple or one of the upcoming new 4* costumes would be excellent I believe.

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I really like your idea of revamping an existing hero. Only problem with Sand Empires for purple would be that it’s only once a year, and has already passed this year…

Costumed Vivica and White Rabbit… only 5☆ no 4☆. Replacable with Harpoon (stun) on titan.

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