Please introduce NEW ascension mats for S3 heroes

With NEW upcoming S3 heroes, why don’t SG also introduce new special ascension mats to ascend S3 heroes to final tiers that even harder to get compared to current ascension mats?

This special mats will make the game more challenging and generates more money for SG.

That’s my 2 cents, anybody agree with me?

Cant tell if this is sarcasm. Jesus Christ I hope this is sarcasm.

You want mats that are even HARDER to get than the current 4* mats?

Early prediction, this gets zero votes.


Let’s call it 5* ascension mats since current meta only up to 4* mats.

hopefully SG will approve it

Good lord please no…

If there are new materials it will go into the existing material roll slots in the various loot locations…

This will dilute the ascension items even further meaning that it will be even LONGER between getting the necessary items to ascend a hero…

Please please please think this thru…


I have a great idea to complement this idea: expiry dates for non-farmable ascension mats! Hey, your veggies go bad if you let them rot in the fridge for too long, why not your ascension mats too? 4 star ascension mats should have an expiry date of 4 weeks; after that, they automatically disappear! :smiley:


How about… no.


Cool, i really love this idea. Rotten ascension mats can be refreshed and retrieved back by spending maybe about 30 - 50 gems.

So this game will be more challenging and make all players immediately use the mats for whatever heroes they got in their hands before it getting rotten.

This will make SG teach all players very useful lesson: “Be grateful! Use whatever you got in your hands and don’t covet with what u don’t have.”

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Were you dropped on your head? Stop it.


no thank you

20 boos


please delete this thread before the SGG staff sees it, we don’t want to give them any ideas


I was thinking when heroes die, they shouldn’t automatically revive next battle. Dead heroes should take 75 gems to revive before using it again, and if you don’t revive a dead hero for 24 hours, he disappears from your roster completely. Mind taking my idea to Petri for me, @LogBomb? :wink:


omg guys please stop, if Zynga finds this we are dead in the water

Your idea as cool as your name bobi :slight_smile:


At first I wasn’t sure if you were joking or not and then I saw your other replies. Phew !

Nice one :slight_smile:


Man, just delete this thread ASAP. You can’t actually be serious right now. You want game to become “harder” because now is too easy, right? :rofl:


Also if you haven’t leveled a hero within a certain time they will vanish from your rosta?

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If S3 heroes using and sharing the SAME ascension mats with S1 and S2 heroes, then there’s NOTHING new in the upcoming S3 . That’s why I propose SG to make special ascension mats that can only be used to level up S3 heroes that is even harder to obtain.

S3 should be more exciting and more difficult, right? I think it is the perfect time for SG to introduce 5* unfarmable ascensions mats

Please support this idea and give your vote guys. Thank you :blush:

Trolling or serious? Doesn’t matter. H-E (double hockey sticks) no.

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What masochist ideas I read… “Please, SG! Make everything more expensive and take away all my hard earned mats!” I think people who suggest this, want f2p players out of the game. If SG really came up with even harder to get ascension mats, many players (including me) would instantly rage quit… from f2p to ptw. By some suggestions I read here lately, I get the feeling that SG is more generous to players than many players would be. And I don’t consider SG very generous on anything but 1* star mats.

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