Please increase Guardian Owl (Again)

I think it’d help to consolidate votes. I’ve found two other threads that could be merged together for a single vote count:

I’ve already got a vote on the first of these

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If I could change something about Guardian Owl, I think I’d actually leave him at Very Slow and boost his damage. I’d bear in mind his attack stat is rather low, so it’ll take some heavy damage percentages to do his concept justice. I’d even reduce his self-recovery to make room for more devastation. Here’s my rework:

Deal 320% damage to all enemies.
Damage is increased by 70% for each dead ally.
The caster gets +34% defense for 4 turns.
The caster regenerates 512 HP over 4 turns.

This would bring him up to 530% damage per target if he’s lost 3 allies. If he’s the only one left, that’s 600% damage! Remember his Attack score is 601, and Lianna’s is 735. I don’t know how the math adds up, but I expect the Owl at 530% should still do less damage than Lianna’s 512%.

“Oh, you hurt my friends?”

The Owl is a situational hero who needs certain conditions met to reach full power. I believe he should be less powerful if he still has his allies. But if he’s lost over half his team, he should be even deadlier than Alfrike. If the Owl became this powerful, he would certainly make you tremble when he’s standing alone in the back row and finally ready to pronounce his judgement.


No he didn’t proposed update was effectively a nerf! I stand corrected though he was updated…still…needs a rework though!

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Guardian Owl

  • Attack increased from 601 to 663. [this was changed, and then restored]
  • Defense decreased from 795 to 716. [this was changed, and then restored]
  • Attack and Defense changed back to original.
  • Direct damage increased from 235% to 280%
  • Damage increase per dead ally decreased from 60% to 50%

Whatever you want to call it (buff/nerf), he was changed in 2020. Mine hits for 280% now

I just ascended him recently. Either him or Musashi. I have enough fast 5* Holy heroes. I have Boss Wolf sitting on the bench at 3/70. He’s next.

If they’re planning to give Finley and Killhare costumes. Y’all should already know that it’s coming.

With new defense formations they should allow his defense and regen buff to nearby and can’t be dispelled, but probably needs to be slow mana at least to be useful. Max damage with emblems they’re only hitting 500, in the tournament I used his attack 3 times as only hero left and didn’t win

It’s simple: Leave him very slow and increase his basic damage from 280 to 370% to all enemies and give +12% defence to the caster and to all allies plus -12% attack for all enemies for 6 turns and remove all the other abilities he has. Now you have a solid Guardian Owl. Boss Wolf also needs huge improvement.

The world isn’t ready for a Guardian Owl buff, he is already a walking (flying?) nuclear bomb

:bomb: :owl:

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I agree with these two propotitions but in combination not this or that. An alternative propose should increasing his damage through tiles like Frigg for example and giving him average speed. And definitely his attack is very low and should be increase at least to 710.

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