Please increase Guardian Owl (Again)

Please increase Guardian Owl statistic. Why Telluria Avarage but Guardian Owl very Slow? Why not Avarage or slow?

Moderator Addition:
Previous Balance Request thread: Remake Guardian Owl

May 2020 Balance Changes including an update to G. Owl: May 2020 Balance Update - Details & Release Notes

Agreed but he already got buffed/changed last update, I wouldn’t hold your breath for another update any time soon.

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Some heroes are still bad even after being buffed, Owl is one of the many.


Owl is a odd one in the teltoc battle in legendary his a F’N pain but in game using his bit pants, he’s not someone you gonna bring to a raid not gonna use on map. Defence maybe or war in the corner in a heal aid as could be pain to get rid off. Does have family bonus health and attack. But would the owl be op if they changed to slow I don’t think it would matter.

For being very slow, you can’t even compare Owl to Alfrike. There’s absolutely no reason at all owl should be very slow.

Compare him to the Guardian Bat, Owl is basically a 5* version of Guardian Bat, yet Guardian bat is average speed. Are people saying Guardian Bat is overpowered? No, of course not.

Last, even on defense, the theory that he will be the last man standing and he will fire, “devastating” the enemy is garbage. In many wars and raids, even average speed heroes in the wing often don’t get to fire. If they do get to fire, the defense has already won the fight anyway. For very slow, they are a complete non-factor in defense (unless in the flank or tank, but Owl wasn’t designed for either one).

Make Guardian Owl average speed.

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