Please increase Guardian Owl (Again)

Please increase Guardian Owl statistic. Why Telluria Avarage but Guardian Owl very Slow? Why not Avarage or slow?

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Previous Balance Request thread: Remake Guardian Owl

May 2020 Balance Changes including an update to G. Owl: May 2020 Balance Update - Details & Release Notes

Agreed but he already got buffed/changed last update, I wouldn’t hold your breath for another update any time soon.


Some heroes are still bad even after being buffed, Owl is one of the many.


Owl is a odd one in the teltoc battle in legendary his a F’N pain but in game using his bit pants, he’s not someone you gonna bring to a raid not gonna use on map. Defence maybe or war in the corner in a heal aid as could be pain to get rid off. Does have family bonus health and attack. But would the owl be op if they changed to slow I don’t think it would matter.

For being very slow, you can’t even compare Owl to Alfrike. There’s absolutely no reason at all owl should be very slow.

Compare him to the Guardian Bat, Owl is basically a 5* version of Guardian Bat, yet Guardian bat is average speed. Are people saying Guardian Bat is overpowered? No, of course not.

Last, even on defense, the theory that he will be the last man standing and he will fire, “devastating” the enemy is garbage. In many wars and raids, even average speed heroes in the wing often don’t get to fire. If they do get to fire, the defense has already won the fight anyway. For very slow, they are a complete non-factor in defense (unless in the flank or tank, but Owl wasn’t designed for either one).

Make Guardian Owl average speed.


Very much agree with @Easysteps. Give owl an Atomos makeover and he would be a balanced hero. There is no reason his special justifies him being very slow. :roll_eyes:


The arrival of Costume justice in coming months is going to destroy owl’s credibility. Exact same mechanic as owl, but faster with slow speed (and will be even faster with her mana gen). Way higher attack with a talent class that compliments her. C justice is what guardian owl should have been in the first place. it’s a slap in the face for the owl as he’s yet to be given a substantial buff.

do the extreme and completely change c justice’s skill. If they could do that with c Wu Kong, they can change justice as well. I don’t understand why they have to reuse the same skill and turn owl obsolete. It’s also a waste of costume space. She could easily be a yellow reflect, being the holy counterpart of ursena.

Change owl from very slow to slow, it’s about time. They have no reason not to do that now since c justice exists. So that justice is the offensive version of this dead ally mechanic while owl is the defensive version with more sustainability and they’re of equals now.


Owl was already destryed before justice costume…


Just to beat the dead horse again

Owl is an EVENT 5* - extremely hard to get and most people who have him likely spent money.

Yet he is so much worse than even season 1 five stars. Also let’s compare his special to another equally hard to get hero - onyx or cobalt. At 3rd charge it’s about very slow mana and they do 350% damage to all, not contingent on their allies being dead, and with much much higher attack stats.

As was stated prior, Bat is average speed and a not overpowered but solid 3*. Owl is a broken very slow 5* that has a similar special which would be just ok for an average speed hero. Most slow heroes have specials more devastating than either him or Boss Wolf. Those tw heroes have been broken for way too long. Even with the attempt to buff prior…Very slow heroes very very rarely get to go off in the wing…I’m going to wait for a real buff :crossed_fingers:


I think just making his special devastating would be best. When alfrik goes off it’s rare I can still win. Very very rare. Make him even stronger and keep the speed for it being interesting. My thoughts anyways.


Someone else pointed out, one of the problems with Owl are his stats. He could use less health and more attack.

That would help to make him a lot more useful, especially in Rush Attack wars.

Also, his class is druid. For someone who doesn’t tank and his design it to sit in the wing, this is a useless class. Ranger would be much better.

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Will 2021 be the year that guardian owl finally gets a real buff?? :pray:

Alfrike is proof of concept that v slow can be v desirable.

Please go back and fix the first two v slow mistakes (Guardian owl and boss wolf). :laughing:

I’m no longer proposing mana speed change but rather add something additional to the special to make the v slow justified. V slow should mean that there’s v little chance of recovery - like if alfrike goes off.

Proposed additions:

  1. +24% mana generation for the caster
  2. make the 2nd line, the damage is increased by 50% for each dead ally AND each dead enemy

He has very low base attack and it takes forever for him to fire, he should have the potential to at least do snow white level damage. At least give him mana generation buff so if he’s your last one left he has a better chance of being able to win the battle by himself. Right now even if he goes off as last man standing he’s unlikely to kill his attackers. Onyx and cobalt on the other hand… but let’s not get started on that.



Would be cool if he would fire twice on 2 consecutive turns after he was filled up if at all.

Or make him average like Atomos.

Or give him withstand to any damage for 3 turns.

He’s the one with the worst cost benefit ratio.

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I’d rather have the owl over this new Hotm :rofl:

But yeah… I don’t really want the owl either.
Buff him!

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According to the card, the owl is a “guardian”. I’ve always wanted an owl to have the ability to revive a dead ally. Of course, the resurrection is after the damage is done.


That would be a nice addition too.

The simple addition of cleanse made guardian kong a desirable hero.

Something simple added for owl would make all the difference.


Maybe he could also deal extra damage to enemies who have killed an ally, on top of the dead ally damage. That would be the definition of retribution. Would it be hard to program though? :thinking:


Definitely adding a 50% revive… he’s incredibly slow but if he goes off it’s rarely even remotely devastating. If alfrique goes off… whole other story by far. Give him some love and attention please. Thank you.

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I know this has been a long running request, but @petri said in the FAQ discussion this is the best place to have these requests heard.

Not news to anyone that he needs to go faster. He has tanky stats with an element of his special designed for the wing. He needs a rethink similar to Vela where her special was adjusted, and his mana speed increased. Playing with his stats and attack percentage is not enough for this hero!

I agree that he needs a little something. There is a place in this game for Very Slow heroes. Compare him to a hero like Alfrike, however, and it’s a bit ridiculous. One strikes fear in your heart if she pops, and the other…not so much. Maybe instead of a defense buff and HoT for just himself, they affect all his allies.

  • Deals 280% damage to all enemies.
  • Damage is increased by 50% for each dead allies.
  • Caster and all allies get +46% defense for 5 turns.
  • Caster and all allies regenerate 765 HP over 5 turns.

The numbers themselves could be played with. Maybe a lower % defense buff and/or less regen, but I’d be down with the Owl a bit more if his buffs affected the entire team. I know this goes against what the hero is supposed to be. A last man/owl standing who will punish your team with 480% damage. But how often does that really happen? Buffs to his last two specials will at least be some consolation if he has no (or few) dead allies.

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