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We (Fort Simmonds) are looking for 10 members currently as we have cleansed our alliance of non-active members.

We defeat 8-9 star Titans daily

To be honest & upfront, we do require that you attack Titans & use all 6 flags in War
If you want to opt out of war, that’s ok. If opted in, all flags must be used
If you want to take a break, that’s fine too (afterall life comes first) but do inform us so that the team is in the loop.

Please search for ‘Fort Simmonds’ & join us if you have 1000+ cups & are active.

Come, learn, play & grow with us!
We welcome you!

Do u have line ? Would u consider joining a franchise in a merge?

We are open to an alliance merging into us. We welcome you to join us

Oh absorb only? Cool. Ty for responding. Good luck my friends and may the boards be with u

Oak Tree has similar rules with attacking Titan and opt ins need to use all attacks. We have 15 members and would be into a merge with a like minded group. We are active in the game chat, but don’t do line and discord. Your original post was looking for 17, so I figured I’d ask.

Hey there! I am the Leader of Rockets Red Glare. If you are open to merging with us we would love to have you. We are currently at 18 members. We have a lot of fun and ZERO drama. Most of our members have been with us for over a year. Folks stop in to try us out and end up finding a home with us. We are fighting 9-11 Star Titans. We do not use Line or Discord. We are “real life first” but are all very dedicated. We are very active in sharing gained and learned knowledge while helping each other grow. Check us out! Fight a Titan of two and stick around for War. We have a great time. Just use all 6 Flags for War beat down Titans and try your best. I totally understand if the idea of merging with another Alliance doesn’t appeal to you. Regardless thanks for your consideration!

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