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My 9 yo daughters device has broken. She sunk all her allowance into this game. She worked really hard to build her team and is thoroughly invested. Now she has her chrome book. Is there anyway she can get her old account on the device. Her user name is Beacon & she is in xvoid alliance.


Definitely send off a message to Small Giant’s support team. Here’s the best method of contact for you: You can access that from the web, since the in game button isn’t available to your daughter at the moment.

Good Luck!


I thought that’s what I did. What am I doing wrong?

Vivia Cooper


Oh I see. This is from the other site. I did send a request. I was confused by which organization sent this email. Sorry

Vivia Cooper


Teach her how to save money rather than dumping it into a game. #justsaying #problemsolved


Lol. She does that too. Thanks! She’s getting a bank account in October and I bought her a kids book showing the value of a dollar earned/saved = endless possibilities. Wish my mum had done that with me. Took me awhile to figure that out.

Vivia Cooper


I also taught her to be kind and not make snarky comments to strangers. She’s a sweet kid and she works hard in school. I’m going to unleash an amazing human being upon the word.

Vivia Cooper


How are things going? Did you get the Chrome book up and running?


Good to hear you’re up and running! I’m marking this as solved. :sunglasses:

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