Please Help with Team Setup!

Hello! Looking to create 3 teams, Raid, Defense, and Titan and would greatly appreciate some help!
If there is a regularly obtainable 3 or 4 star not listed that would fit better, please let me know.

My Heroes:
Red: Zimkitha(x3), Marjana, Elena, Boldtusk, Gormek
Purple: Quintus, Proteus, Tiburtus, Rigard(x2), Ameonna, Cyprian
Yellow: Justice, Inari(x3), Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Danzaburo, Hu Tao
Blue: Isarnia, Magni, Grimm, Triton(x2), Kiril, Sonya, Boril
Green: Kashhrek, Melendor(x3), Caedmon(x2), Gadeirus, Gobbler

I did not take the current level of your heroes into account for writing this piece of advice.


Usually players use heroes with specific special skills during titan fights. Which heroes exactly depends on your hero-bench and the color of the titans. I will include examples, but not all that are out there. The specific special skills usually used during titan fights are:

Healing / Healing + Removing Status Ailments / Healing + Debuffing / Healing + Attack/Defense Boosting

Boldtusk (H+AB), Rigard (H+RSA), Kiril (H+A/DB), Melendor (H+D)

Other examples with these abilties

Sabina (H+D), Ares (H+Crit Boost), Hawkmoon, Belith (H+D), Vivica (H+DB), Aeron (H+RSA)

Attack/Crit Boosting

Zimkitha (A), Ameonna (A)

Other examples with these abilties

Ares (C), Gregorion (C), Brienne (A), Khiona (A), a couple Atlantis heroes (A/C), Wilbur (A)

Defense Debuffing

Gormek, Tiburtus, Isarnia, Grimm

Other examples with these abilties

Wilbur, Valen, Ulmer

Elemental Defense Debuffing

You don’t have any hero with this ability

Other examples with these abilties

Guardian Falcon, Guardan Jackal, Guardian Panther, King Arthur, Evelyn (December’s HOTM)

Wu Kong

No explanation needed, right?

Other examples with these abilties


Let’s take a red titan fight as example. The heroes I would definitely include are:

Kiril (H+A/DB), Isarnia/Grimm (Defense Debuff; maybe both) and Wu Kong.

Depending on your playstyle and titan special attack, you choose two or one more hero(es). Options could be Triton (healing boost + sniper), Magni (defense boost + sniper), Rigard (extra heal for survivability + removing status ailments) + Ameonna (purple attack boost, stacks well with Rigard or on yellow titans), Proteus (mana control for survivability), Inari (dodging for survivability), Justice (blinding for suvivability) etc. You get where this is going.

All that matters is the type and color of the titan. One thing for sure; I would always include Wu Kong until you get Tarlak.

Raid attack

The best thing you can do is to adjust your attack team to make it strong (color stacking, special skills counters) against the heroes you are going to attack. In order to always be able to do this, you will need quite a few heroes to choose from. You have a significant amount of heroes with different abilityies, so it will be possible once you have leveled them up. I would however recommend to level up 1 hero of each color at a time.

I would also recommend to focus on building your titan teams. With the heroes you level up for this aspect of the game, you will already be able to pick heroes based on the heroes you are going to attack. Mana control heroes and fast snipers are very useful during raid attacks.

Some of your heroes I would definitely bring with me during raids are:

Boldtusk, Gormek, Grimm, Tiburtus, Rigard, Proteus, Zimkitha, Magni, Triton, Kiril, Sonya, Caedmon, Melendor, Li Xiu, Marjana

Raid Defense

Same story here. I would recommend to focus building your titan team first and use the heroes you have maxed (or leveled) for your raid defense team.

Some great heroes for a defense team are:

Isarnia, Marjana, Boldtusk, Elena, Proteus, Rigard, Cyprian, Justice, Li Xiu, Magni, Kiril, Boril, Kashrek, Caedmon

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Thanks, I’ll read into it. I’m a newer player, so I don’t yet understand the color stacking aspect yet, have just been using rainbow at all times.

Here’s a couple of links that might help you


I’ve read those before…I guess as I spend more time in game, I’ll start to understand the guides a bit better. Cheated myself out of the normal progression of the game by grabbing 5*s on the first day. After 2 weeks in game, I’m battling a bit of a learning curve with Defense/Titans/Wars.

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