Please help to find my perfect team for Raids, Titan fights and alliance wars

Here is my rooster. Hope u can help me to find my perfect teams. THX!

Each aspect (raid attack, raid defense, Titans, AW attack, AW defense) will need a different team. For attacking, you will want to change your lineup depending upon your opponent.

Do you have ascension materials to max any of your 5*?

Need one more poison dart for yellow. As u see blue Richard nearly fully updated…

Update. Got shiloh desert as quest so fifth poison darts will be available soon. Still one left…

Why did you ascend 2 Cyprian’s before any Tibertus? and you left your strongest red (Boldtusk) unleveled??

Your current best tank for defense and AW is your almost max Richard. He’s beefy. I’d probably run something like Caedmon Kelile Richard Delilah Scarlett.

I got both after cyprians were fully leveled. The ones you mentioned are quite new from TC 20

Here are my current ascension materials (only important ones)

After you finish all your current partially leveled heroes to their tier (Richard, rigard, leo, scarlett, caed), I would work on Isarnia to 3/70. Then Boldtusk to 3/60 while you wait for 2 more hidden blades. Then finish Aeron to 2/60 and decide if you’re goin to max him or not. If yes, use trap tools and take him to 70. If not, take Tibertus to 70.

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I would add Kasshrek and Wu Kong to the list to finish soon.

Need wu for titans…

Ok mates. Heared from so many that wu kong is sooo good. To be honest. I never feared him in raids. Whats so brilliant about him?? In fight i just debuff his skill and slaughter him :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Wu is terrible on raid defenses. But he’s amazing vs titans and when you can control when his special fires.

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Lvl Boldtusk and Wu Kong without fail. With these two lvl you will notice a huge difference

Nice so far. Thanks for your hints :rofl: