Please help to decide who should be next:)

As above. I can feel that I have quite good rooster, but as a c2p i dont have mats to lvl all heroes:).

So I will be glad for some advice, who to lvl next in 2 categories.

5* and 4*, when u look at my rooster.

Have in mind, that i have one set of all mats, that r need to lvl any colour 5* and a lot mats to lvl 4*, so that is no problem.

here is my rooster:


I’d have to say Killhare, best available. If you really need a healer, do Prof. over Raffy.


Probably I’ll lvl professor, than killhare as I have more darts atm.

But Prof. or Uraeus?, ora wait for july Hotm? (as i remember holy this time?)

The rooster says: cockadoodle-doo !! and wait for next month’s HOTM. But between ProfLin and Ura, it depends on what your needs are: healer or sniper strong against the current minion meta. Emblems are also a point to consider.