Please help solve the problem

Please explain to somebody what the problem may be connected with, we have one member of the alliance. The second war is under observation. 1. Yes, he is ticked to participate in the war. 2. He tried to restart the system. 3 … None of these options helped him to enter the field of war. Please help solve this problem.

what meber level is?

the second war is already happening. Here is his level. We only have such problems with him no one else complained ! He entered the first war as an observer and we offered him to wait until the next war, but he could not enter the next war again and again remained an observer.

Already two wars in a row

Then inbetween a two wars let him to tryto leave and rejoin you.
In between is when a war ends and not yet started a new one.

no, from the beginning he is always in the alliance. and he always participated then before the start of the war, he said that he had an observer mode, we offered him to restart the Google Play system and go back into the game, he did not leave the alliance. and after a reboot, nothing has changed but the war has already begun and we have offered him to wait for the second war.but unfortunately in the second war, he remained an observer.

Before the war, he rebooted the Google Play system. He returned, but the situation did not change and the war began. After we proposed to wait until the second war. But the second time, he again fell into the observer mode

In between wars … the period just after war results and before finding a new aw opponent.
He β†’ leave the alliance.
And then in an hour
He β€”> rejoin the Allinace.
Let him do that … and lets see the result.

This will make him lose war chest participation (assuming he had any before these last two wars).

There has to be a better way.

We are looking for an optimal solution so that he does not lose the chest of war if he leaves the alliance he will lose the chest and the next war again.What else is the solution to this problem?

Staying like that is costing him more than losing few points in chest.
How ever , if he did that there is a chance to be fixed so he will get points from the coming AWs.

Not sure if this will work, but has he tried:

  1. After this war ends and before matching begins, uncheck the participation box.
  2. Close out of the game.
  3. Wait for about an hour.
  4. Open the game.
  5. Place the checkmark back in the participation box.

Again, not sure this will work, but something he might try if he doesn’t want to risk losing his portion of the war chest.

I do agree with @Jedon, if leaving the alliance and returning is the best solution, staying and trying other steps could be costing him.

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