Please help plan my diamond defense team!

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a little help with my ascention planning.

My current defense team keeps me around 2200-2300 cups, and consists of (all maxed): Alby, Tiburtus, Delilah, Azlar, Sonya

I’m trying out Delilah at tank - I used to have Delilah and Azlar swapped. I’d like to step into Diamond consistently, so a 5* defense is pretty important. Obviously Sonya and Tibs are my “weak” spots on defense. I’ve got some good choices, but I’d like some help thinking about who to work on first.

Purple (12 tools, 8 tabards): Quintus (1/1)
I’m going to be pulling for Panther, but… If I don’t get her, is Q worth bringing up? I’ve already got slow Azlar on the team, so not ideal, but on the other had, I’ve been rushed by multiple AOE’s firing at the same time. Maybe wait for Sartana or Domitia?

Blue (8 capes, 3 Scopes): King Arthur (4/30), Alasie (3/70), Magni (2/60), Richard (1/1)
I tried Arthur on defense, but that didn’t really work out very well (kind of wish I’d waited on ascending him). It seems Sonya’s dispell is pretty important… Alasie vs. Magni is well travelled ground on these forums, I know. I really like raiding with Alasie, but if I’m replacing Tibs on my team, then Magni brings the defense Debuff.

Red (8 blades, 5 rings): Natalya (3/70), Gravemaker (2/60), Capt. Kestrel (1/1)
I use Nat ALL the time on offense, but I know she’s not well used by the AI on defense. Is Gravemaker worth it given that I already have Azlar in the mix? Too much fire?

Green (11 shields, 9 Tonics): Morgan Le Fay (2/60), Kaidilen (1/1), Horghall (1/1)
Obviously Alby is a mainstay. I’m hoping to pull Gregorion while pulling for Panther. While he wouldn’t replace Alby, would he be a good hero to bring on defense to make up for the lack of a good purple? Would Morgan or Kaidilen be useful for the same purpose?

The plan is to pull for Panther, and raise her (or Sartana or Domitia if I pull them). While I wait for rings and scopes I was going to bring both Magni and Grave up to 3/70. If I get Greg, then he’d go here. if not, probably Morgan next (instead of Kaidilen), just because I like Morgan’s concept.

What do you think? Am I on the right track?

You, my friend, have what is called an embarrassment of riches. For what they’re worth, here are my thoughts.

Forget Quintus. Even if you wait until the day after hell freezes over, keep trying for Panther or Sartana.

Since I face either Magni or Alasie (or both) in like 80% of my raids, I find them both to be a pain in the tookus. Their specials aren’t crushing, but they sure complicate my raid game plan when they fire off. Flip a coin & enjoy life.

With red, since you already have Azlar maxed, I’d put Gravemaker on the reserve bench & level Natalya for offense. Like you mention, the AI doesn’t utilize her effectively. Azlar on a center flank is a disaster waiting to strike any raider. His AoE often takes out 2-3 cards in one blow. Gravemaker isn’t shabby as a defensive hero from my recent experience facing her. Hits really hard.

Morgan without a doubt.

Hope my mutterings helped.

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Alberich-■■■■-him is #1 on my “You die first” list. I would aso use Azlar, Alasie, Del, and Panther/Sartana. If you don’t pull Panther/Sartana, Magni would go well here to feed off of Alasie.

HAH! That’s pretty much what I was thinking, but those tabards are just sitting there!

I like Morgan, and want to bring her up, but given the choice between Morgan and Gregorion, would you still say Morgan? and would she be useful on defense in any position outside of tank?

Thanks for the thoughts, NPNKY! Given that I’m only at 3 out of 12 scopes needed to get Alasie and Magni up to 80, do you think Magni at 70 would be better in that slot than any of Gravemaker, Natalya, or Morgan at 80?

Magni does defence buff - no debuff.
I would go with gravemaker any day, every day. Good at defence and attack…much more than Azlar in my opinion

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Riiiight, my mistake.

Are you suggesting replacing Azlar with GM? I hadn’t considered that, mainly because he was my tank up until last week… Alby, Alasie, Delilah, GM, Purple? Or use GM as a tank?

Believe me, I can commiserate! I have 14 tabards & no one to use them on. Three Rigards, Sabina, Merlin - I have excellent luck getting nice purple 4s, but the only 5s I ever see are facing me across the arena or battlefield.

Since you didn’t have Greg yet, I chose Morgan from the available green cards. Should the RNG gods smile on you & give you Greg, I’d go with him. I seldom have much trouble dealing with Morgan in raids. Don’t have any experience against Gregorian yet, so I can’t speak with any certainty, but he seems to be superior overall.

Thanks Mark!

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GM either tank or flank. Del is better at tank.

Don’t discount Quintus too much. I have him maxed and he can not only take a pretty good hit but watch out when he fires his special. It’s stronger than any other AoE attack in the game. He regularly takes out multiple opposing heroes with one shot; paired with a defense debugger like Grimm and watch the enemies fall.

I would never level natalya while gravemaker is an option.

I maxed Nat awhile back and wish i had the rings back for either GM or red hood.


Okay, so then the question is how does he fit into the defense team? Does he replace azlar, Tibs, or Sonya while I fish for purple 5*s and scopes?

And the same question for Q. Do you think he fits in with my defense team?

If I add him as my 5* purple then I’d have 3 slow mana heroes on the team. I’m not pathological about slow heroes, but 3 seems a bit much. Maybe if I replace azlar with GM, then I’d still only have two slows?

I think I’d still prefer Panther, Sartana, or Domitia, though…

I have never regretting maxing Sartana

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you can use GM as tank with a good troop, no problem. Replace azlar. You will loose a lot less cups overnight. He does the Damage - Azlar gets killed 80% of the time before firing!

He will be tougher than Tibby. And do more damage when he fires. Defense debuff is very important, though, so if you have Gormek, I would seriously consider replacing Azlar with him. Also, you’re right, having 3 slow heroes in one lineup is less than optimal (though my raid defense team does that with Quintus, Justice, and Horghall, and holds its own okay). In all seriousness, Quintus’ special does a lot more damage than Azlar’s, more than making up for Azlar’s edge in tile damage.

So much thanks for all the helpful discussion everyone! :grinning:

I’ve pulled GM up to 3rd ascention and am working on him now. I’ll see what I can do about pulling Panther or Sartana next week and then re-evaluate.

any of the above. He’s so much faster than azlar i don’t think you’ll get into too much trouble with overlap.

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