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Hello comunity,

Please can anyone help me? I have thd next situation: I have an account witch is linked to both google play and ios. My problem is that I deleted by mistache the google play gaming progile so on android I lost the progress, on Ios the progress is still there. I have access to both accounts ios and google snd can prove that and i spend over 1400 euros witch also can prove with the invoice. So my account is linked to android account witch i have but lost progress on it and can’t link again.
Please someone help me so i can link again to android. Can give all the prove anyone from support wants to see.

Please help!!!

Commiserations @cboghiu. Btw - forum users are players like you. You need to submit a support ticket and contact SG direct.


Yes. I understand that. But maybe somebody else had the same problem and can help me with what I have to do.

Maybe google can re-activate your account? Better also open a ticket at google support.

Talked to them. The google account I have. Only the google play gaming profile is deleted. Talked to them and said once deleted never coming back . So now my empires&puzzles account is linked to google to an account that no longer have the progress. It is easy for empires&puzzles to unlink and let me generate a code to link again. The only thing is for them to want that. As I said can give them all the prove they want including all the 1400 euros invoices.

Good luck then. Don’t think that SG has a copy of your account. That’s why it has to be linked. also see no reason for a refund as it was your own fault…Sorry :woman_shrugging:
Hope the best for you…

No. they don’t have to do that. NO COPY all that have to do to unlink the account from google. On ios is ok and after they unliked it then a can gerenate a code to link the account from ios to google again. ONLY Empires & Puzzles can do that. And I know they can do it, because there is a guy who can make it but he wants 300$ for that. Why to pay if all is legit?

If you have your account number #abc123
Proof of perches you should be ok just send that to support

have both send them but what they told me:
I told them my problem and they answerd something else. It’s like a talk about apples and they tell me about oranges… Realy spend so much money and what???

Well. so did you ever try to change to the other Apple ID to get back to your E&P account you usually used Google for?
I also had 2 accounts and also needed two different accounts in Playstore to manage them. so if I read this right, the lost account is still connected to an Apple ID. So got to Apple store, switch ID, start game. Hopefully see the lost account and bind it to your new Google account. Ever tried? What was the outcome?

Is only one account don’t have two. On ios works but on android I deleted the gameing profile so lost the progress and when I try to link again from ios it says that is already linked to google and does not let me to link again. SO on ios is ok but on android it is linked to an account that does not have the gameing profile anymore. So it must me unlinked from google account for me to link it again.

So both accounts were connected to both provider (Apple and Google)?
I am not firm with IOS as I use Android but if the logs from SG say that the lost account is connected to both it should be correct. So how do you connect two accounts to IOS then when not have to create a second account?

So the account isn’t lost. I have only one account. I can play with it on IOS but not on ANDROID because after I linked it to android after a year or so I deleted by mistache the gamening profile. So I have and can play with my account but only on IOS and I want to be able to play ON android too.

step by step…don’t forget to share all information needed. Also use the link to open a ticket and choose the right options in the menu for your problem. I guess they just did not really understand what you want from them.

Hope they can help me. I don’t know why they didn’t let to link the account when you want. I realy don’t know why.

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ok. sorry didn’t knew.

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