Please help me with my team


Ok thanks you. I will level up when finish with the main kiril


Hi all,

Now it is more complex select a team. I just get Jack O’Hare 4* so my roster is

Red: Colen 4/70
Green: Melendor 3/52 Jack O’Hare 1/1
Yellow: Chao 3/60 delilah 2/27
Blue: Kiril 4/6
Purple: balthazar 3/50

What do you think about my roster?

If a get a good purple. Is it solid this team?
Red: Colen
Green: Jack O’Hare
Yellow: Delilah
Blue: Kiril
Purple: Tuburtus or Merlin or another good 4*

@Kerridoc, please take a look. Your help is very appreciate.



Hey, Fran –

You’re definitely “healer long” – arguably a better place to be than “healer short”. Given the cards you’ve got, I’d think along these lines:

Keep working on Melendor, up to 3/60, Delilah, and max Kiril. When Melendor is done, start on Jack O’Hare.

The team you sketch looks good. Purple is definitely your weak suit now, and Tibertus or Merlin would be excellent additions. There are two gaps in your lineup:

  1. Armor debuffer: Tibertus fills this gap nicely.
  2. Sniper: Merlin fills this role admirably. Chao is also good in this role.

I’m thinking you want Melendor in good shape so that you can bring Chao in as your yellow instead of Delilah situationally.

Because you have such solid healing, O’Hare presents less of a problem for you. He’s very fragile, particularly after casting his special, and will need a lot of support. But he does a huge amount of damage very quickly!


Thanks for your advices. Now Im focus on leveling Kiril until 4/70. My problem is when I get the mats to ascend a green 4* hero. Should ascent Jack or Melendor? Reading your advice Melendor will be more usefull that Jack.

When I cast Jack hability he take a debuf on def but If I combine with Kiril hab the debuff dissapear.

Now Im saving gems to try to get Merlin when start the next event.



Personally, as I’ve written elsewhere, I always try to do matched-color training. Give your blue feeders to Kiril, your green feeders to Melendor, your yellow feeders to Delilah. Since you don’t have any red or purple projects currently, use those on your priority project, Kiril.

This may seem slower, but you get to a full team trained up about 20% faster.


Yes, Im using green on melendor, yellow on delilah, red for trainning 3* red hero for wars and purple + blue on kiril


Hi all,

I have spent all my gems on x10 in this event and I have the next heros: Azlar 5*, Sil Lancelot 4*, Caedmon 4*, Hu Tao 4*, Sabina 4*, Merlin 4*, so my roster per colours is the following:

Red: Azlar 5*, Colen 4*, Sir Lancelot 4*
Green: Melendor 4*, Caedmon 4*, Jack O`Hare 4*
Blue: Kiril 4*
Yellow: Delilah 5*, Chao 4*, Hu Tao 4*
Dark: Merlin 4*, Sabina 4*

All hero has level 1.1 except the following:
Delilah: 3.60
Chao: 3.60
Kiril: 4.70
Melendor: 3.60
Colen: 4.70
Jack O’hare: 3.50

What do you think, should be my attack/defense team?

Attack: Delilah, Azlar, Merlin, Kiril, Caedmon
Defense: Delilah, Azlar, Merlin ,Kiril, Melendor

What should be the preferences to leveling up the hero?
I understand Merlin, Azlar, …

Should level up Sir Lancelot?

Thanks in advance,


First, congrats! Those are nice additions to your deck.

I agree with your offense lineup as a general-purpose team. I think your proposed defense is too healer-heavy for raids. For Wars, it’s good. For raids, I’d be inclined to use the same team you’ve lined up for offense.

For leveling, I’d be working simultaneously on Merlin, Azlar and Caedmon. Probably toss your yellow and blue feeders to the lion, as he has the biggest appetite and there’s very little risk about not maxing his special.

It will be tough, but try to finish intermediate in Avalon to get the completion award. Those trap tools will help with Merlin.


Thanks you.

Should I level Lancelot for defend or titan?


Yes, Lancelot is worthwhile leveling, particularly for titans. There’s an argument to do him first, because Azlar at 3/70 isn’t very different from your maxed Colen. If you have fewer than, say, four mystic rings, Lancelot might be a better red project for now.


Ok thanks

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I have 4 new heros 4* Peters, 4* Grimm, isarnia 5* and 5* Alasie
Please could you help me with my team?
Yellow: delilah 3.70 chao 3.60
Red: Colen 4.70 azlar 3.70
Blue: Kiril 4.70 Grimm 1.1 Alasie 1.1 Isarnia 1.1
Green: Caedmon 4.43 melendor 3.60 o’hare 3.50 peters 1.1
Purple: Merlin 4.56 sabina 1.1

I have mats to ascend Peters to max.

I guess my team should be:
Yellow: delilah 3.70
Red: Colen 4.70 until ascend Azlar
Blue: Alasie 1.1
Green: Caedmon 4.43 (lvl peters only for titan)
Purple: Merlin 4.56

But if replace kiril I lost his buff and heal
If replace Caedmon for Petets I lost remove buff from.enemies.

Maybe play with 2 blue Kiril and Alasie and replace by colen. About Peters and Cardmon it is very dificult. Peters seems better but Caedmon remove buff

What do you think?
Thanks in advance


Sorry, been on vacation and neglected the boards.

You should definitely bring Peters up, because that creates options for you. If you are going into a fight against buffing heroes (eg Alberich), then bring Caedmon. If stopping attacks is more critical (eg vs Azlar or Isarnia), then bring Peters.

Blue is trickier. Alasie is excellent, but not so excellent that I’d bring her in at 1-1. Kiril provides a lot of value and is complementary to Delilah.

Remember that there’s no rule that you must have one of each color, even in raiding or wars. As your team gains depth, try out using teams with a void color to bring the skills you need to the fight.


Thanks you @Kerridoc I will ascend Peters.

So, my attack team should be:

I think I will use Colen only for defend until ascend Azlar


Colen is good only for attack, and even in some situations… his defense and HP are low and he is slow mana. He will be most dead before firing his special


I wanted to make one amendment to this post, IF you have VIP double-builder running: