Please help me with my team


Hi, Im new here and Im not sure what are more powerfull heroes. This is my team. Which color should I use 300 gem in? Bane?

thanks in advance


Not leave Bane in your team for now. He is one of the strongest 3* heroes you can get. Try to go for a better purple one. Renfeld is crap! Strong And put Colen in the center position of your team. He is very useful for defense, but not on the position where he is now…it takes too long until he fires his special. I hope I could help :slight_smile:


Sorry…The “Not” at the beginnig was meant to be a "No, "


What should you aim for: Blue > Purple > Yellow > Green > Red
Most common “wanted” heroes here below

4 :star:: Sabina, Tiburtus
5 :star:: Sartana

4 :star:: Wu Kong
5 :star:: Joon

4 :star:: Grimm, Kiril
5 :star:: Magni, Isarnia

4 :star:: Melendor
5 :star:: Lianna

4 :star:: Boldtusk


thanks for all yours advises.

Seing your list I should change too cole ? I thougt he was strong.

here there is a list I found but it seems obsolete.

what do you think? according to the list bane is not a good 3*.



ignore that list. Bane is one of the strongest 3* cards. Colen and Ulmer are also good. Renfeld and Isshtak are the ones you should look to replace. I’d roll green first as Brienne and Belith are top cards for 3* in green and Berden is an upgrade over Isshtak as well.


ok thanks. I will try to improve green first. Im.near to 300 gems.



Colen is indeed strong but its like a silver cup: the gold one is better!

My suggestion were written with 4/5:star: in mind, you’ll be able to train 3:star: heroes (chances to gain a rare hero) pretty quickly from training camps.


Ok thanks.
Now i have castle lvl 11 and trainng at RT11. As soon as I upgrade all steucture to 11 I will go to RT13


You don’t need to upgrade everything to match the stronghold. Please don’t, in fact! My recommendations:

  • level all farms to SH level. Food is always needed.
  • mines at equal level, but below SH level. At SH 13 I found that mines around 9 or 10 were fine. At SH 20 level 12 mines are fine.
  • storage and houses custom built for projects. You need iron storage for buildings and food storage for research (TC and forge) and ascending heroes. You need houses for TC projects (e.g. TC 13 needs 70 recruits). Don’t build more storage than you currently need.
  • keep one forge at SH level. Bring a second up to level 5 and convert it to Barracks. Take the third up to level 3 or 4 so you can do a little forge multi-tasking.
  • Only one TC needs to stay at SH level. The others should lag back at the highest used training level: 4 until you get 11. Some people bring a second TC up to 13 then to 20 for more 4* and 5* hero generation.
  • level up Barracks only when you hit the troop level max of your current Barracks. Even level 2 or 3 Barracks will take you a long way.
  • upgrading you outpost is optional. It does generate good amounts of food and iron, especially as you get more of the map,completed. It also attracts raiders. Your call.


If you are still collecting 3*, go ahead and level Stronghold to 12, then Training Camp to 12. You can make your own free 3* at TC12, which is a nice ability to have!


Thanks you very much for all advices.
Looking my team should I go for tc12 to improve 3*?
Or directly for tc13?


I’d go straight to TC13. It will generate mostly 3*, with a small chance of 4*.


There is a cost differential. How are you for food and recruits?



If the cost isn’t an issue, go straight to TC13.


It’s not clear from the TC description, but TC 13 gives only 3* and 4*—no chance of 1* or 2*.


there’s almost no point in sticking at tc12. just upgrade what you need to get to 13 and give yourself a chance at 4s.


Ok, I will upgrade all needed to TC13 and pray to get 4* at the beginnig and not spent a lot of materials to get the first one.



FYI – I read that the chance to get a 4* is about 5% so don’t get your hopes up too high :). Still worth a shot, but it probably won’t be a quick process.


no, but it’s a free 4* every 40 days (1 in 20 chance) per TC13. That seems way better than just an endless string of 3* from TC12, even if it takes a week or two extra to upgrade iron stroage and TC and research.


Like I said, still worth a shot but it probably won’t be a quick process.