Please help me with my defense team

I don’t what to do anymore. No matter how I arrange it I get revenged in one shot 95% of the time. Don’t wanna sound winey but I’m desperate. So any help would be hugely appreciated.
I have Santa, Poseidon, Kunchen, Telluria, Vela, Garnet and Lianna. All on 18 talents, except Garnet +16. All mana troops except green, level 15.
Thanks in advance.

Are you staying in diamond? If so, then why does it matter?

Getting one shot on defense is normal. There’s simply too many advantages on offense — you pick the heroes, ghost tiles, control the board, etc. All you can do is hope they get a bad or mediocre board and punish them for that.

From looking at what you h, you lack damage. Only Lianna and Poseidon as major damage dealers. Vela used to be but… I still like and use my Vela +20 on defense and offense, but only because of lack of alternatives.

Given that, best I can suggest is Kunchen, Vela, Garnet, Lianna, Poseidon. But could probably substitute a 4 star for Kunchen and do better. He’s not great at wing.

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Thanks for your time Zathrus :slight_smile:

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