Please help me to choose my next holy legendary

Hi guys, I need to choose my next holy legendary my choices are not much.
I already maxed, Malosi, Sir roostery, Poseidon and Ureaus. I have normal Vivica, Justice and Leonidos, costume Joon, Neith and Hanitra.
I maxed C Kadilen already and break limit her, I have Kunchen level 1 too so I have two 2019 hotm if I work on Neith they can unlock family bouns for all too.

I say Neith since you already have C.Kadilen and I have always liked Neith! Her mana cut plus the blind is just a mean thing to do to someone…lol

  • Vivica
  • Justice
  • Leonidas
  • Costume Joon
  • Neith
  • Hanitra

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Thanks for your answer and make the vote option, that’s so helpful dear


Malosi, who couldn’t see herself in the story, died of cancer from sadness. whereas malosi is the life saver of the player who knows how to use it. It is an unstoppable killer, very fast and does not give the opponent a chance to attack and stack abilities. he is a team man and gives his team a critical hit. my god! only those who appreciate can understand

Yes Malosi is best and he is always with me, I believe you did not read my post, I maxed Malosi as my first hero when I just started playing


It’s a question of what you want, what you’ve got and how your team building will work.

Regardless we can cut this down a bit:

  1. Eliminate Leo from the list - even without costume bonus, Joon was ALWAYS the better season one sniper of the two… And with costume bonus available it’s a no brainer - if you want another sniper, it’s Joon all day long.

  2. With all the power creep that’s happened since, season 1 heroes without costumes tend to underwhelm - Vivica is a case in point, I have had her maxed for a long time and probably haven’t used her outside of tower events and tavern in at least a year, possibly more.
    Justice has much the same problem - slow and relatively low stats just make for an underwhelming hero.

For me, then, it comes down to c-Joon, Hanitra or Neith.

Neith and Hanitra are both what I like to call “stalls” - they don’t heal or hit, but they do slow down the battle and help prevent something from hurting you when you don’t want it to… Which to do out of the two kind of depends on what you’re facing - Hanitra is exactly who you want against Alfrike, Neith is great for buying you a turn or two to fire off something slower (whether that’s a slow hitter with huge power, or your healer/reviver).

You could go either way on the two stalls - I voted Hanitra just because her stats are way better and she’s useful against a common boogeyman enemy, but either would serve you well.

Personally I’d do c-Joon next after whichever you pick, though it wouldn’t be wrong to do him first.

Without costumes, I’d be setting Vivica, Leo and justice aside for soul exchange.

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Thanks for your completed answer

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