PLEASE help me sorting out

I really need and would like some help sorting out. I want to know, because I need space, too much heroes and also got my favorites. So please tell me which of these 3* heroes do I really don’t need and can really be fed away?

Now I’m doing Elkanen and next will be Snowwhite. Which of these 4*'s should be prioritized and are important?

Thanks in advance :heart:

It’s safe to keep

  • every unique copy of a hero
  • every legendary hero (for the new upcoming feature)
  • the hero duplicates wich you use on war/events/quests

If you are unsure let’s start with buying extre roster spaces yet again, it’s better than being sorry later :slight_smile:


In general this is a very good advice…
Further, in order that we can give you a better help, please undo all team selections, keep one purple in team 1 and sort the heroes by color…
This would help us to see better what you have / not have / copies / triplets etc…

Further, please share the info how much ascension mats you have for 4 * and 5 * and how much emblems you have free



Cillian, Audhan both are great even better together, good family bonus.
Sergei is great for Titan, the 1st special is too valuable, dark elemental def down. As you already have Miki dan Tarlak for booster, his 1st special is very rare currently only Panther.
Marcel, better then buddy, def down for titan and raid, war, all around.
Mack is good for buff buster tournament.
Zila Lei is also great fast defdown, but there are many other similiar option like Grimm with CB and Frank CB.


Cillian and Aodhan work even better with Orla :slight_smile:
Melo is the only 3* healer who removes status alignments
Sudri is a game-changer in vf tournaments.
I would recommend @Ljiljana to work also on them.

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@jinbatsu and @raistlin76 thank you very much :heart: You helped me because these are exact the 4*'s I’ve been thinking about to level and the guardian Jackal of course. And thanks for Helo and Sudri opinion. But can you please tell me which of the 3’s are really safe to be deleted? I have too many … And I would even get rid of some 4’s which are really unnecessary… There will be so much heroes yet to come.

Friar Tuck, Greymane and Nashgar are safe to delete, if needed there will be not too hard to get back. Other that are not essential are Vlad and An-Windr.

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I wd feed away these unleveled 3*s:

Friar Tuck

Of your other unleveled 3*s, I have fully leveled, limit-broken and emblemed Chochin, Helo, Nashgar, and Dölgöön. Helo is great; Dölgöön is quite useful; Chochin is good; and Nashgar is disappointing.

You already have Namahage leveled up: in practice, Nashgar is like a lesser version of Namahage. But you’ll eventually level him up just by feeding him future Nashgars, so he’s worth keeping.

Dölgöön’s 2x mana skill is terrific. He also gets really beefy when fully maxed.

(HP max emblem path: his skill doesn’t depend on his own stats so I just wanted maximum survivability)

Unfortunately, on defense (that is, when run by the AI) only his 1x mana skill fires.

I am using Sudri a lot even though he’s not yet fully leveled. Agree w previous votes for him.

Whacker, Bauchan, and Vodnik are worth leveling up 2 or more copies. Probably Shrubbear, too, idk.

The good thing about deciding not to level up a specific 3* is that from then on, all future copies become juicy food :wink:

Your leveled 3*s include some of my favorites: Maeve, Jarvur, and Nordri.

FWIW, I have yet to see the point of Renfeld, Schlitzer (whatever he is in English!), or Jahangir. But that’s just based on their (in)effectiveness on defense teams I face. Presumably your results differ.

I’m so envious you have Garjammal! Regardless of her usefulness, I think she’s super cool :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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@Sosiana thank you very much for your reply and effort :heart::+1: I will do that. And @jinbatsu thanks again too :+1::hugs: you helped me lots in the past.


Sorry may I ask what these new feature is? I didn’t know and I’ve been feeding away duplicate 5* for roster space :frowning:

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Soul Exchange, here:

Definitely don’t feed 5*s away.


@kmwlew Awwwww never feed away 5* Heroes because later you can exchange them for other 5’s in the Academy. Rather feed away 3* or 4* Heroes if you have too many… Or too many duplicates. But never ever 5* unless you do the mistake like I did and fed away one and his duplicate out of anger :see_no_evil::sweat_smile::rofl:

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