Please help me.... Green hero to ascend?

Please help I have three five* hero’s. All are ready for the third ascension. Which one out of… Mother North… Elkanen…or Evelyn.

Do you have Alby? What other greens do you have leveled?

It is between Mother North and Evelyn. Both are good in their own right.

Also this is the first time. I have made my own discussion. So if I did something wrong please tell me. I’m new to the game and this chat. But thanks a head of time for any help. Plus all the questions this chat has already answered for me. It really is a great tool…

Spend your mats to 4* not 5*.

But if you go with those three then mother north

Thanks for the response. I have those three five star leveled. I also have buddy the elf leveled and ready to go to third. The only other green five I have. Is horghall but hasn’t been leveled yet. I just got him tonight along with mother north. I really thought she would be helpful with war defense.

Thank you… your saying only level 4 star??

Buddy all the way up is the obvious choice. 4* 4/70 are better and more helpflull than 5* 3/70 especially on events.

Since leveling Elkanen I got more respect for him also. He can take a hit plus heals himself which is kinda nice.

I would agree finishing buddy first. Then Mother North.

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I never looked at it like that. I love buddy he is def a beast. Thanks again. I’m still learning a lot and I know have made a bunch of stupid mistakes lol.

I really just wanted mother north because of how tanky she is. And I love how she can heal the party and revive a hero. So I thought that would be huge in a war or just defense team in general. … so buddy then…right lol

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It is always good to make sure you have 4* depth even if 5* have to wait. Whether it be for materials or just because you need more depth. Having depth and choice for different situations is invaluable in the long run.

I do have some 4 stars… I don’t focus just on one. I mainly wanted to get 30 hero’s for war to help my alliance. So I hero’s like Grimm and Caedmon buldtusk jackal guardian and a few others into the third ascension. Just wanted her more for tank reasons I guess

If you don’t have good attackers i would go for Evelyn, but if you have a good team I would definitely go for Mother North. She is slow, but when she fires she is hard to beat.

Evelyn is fast mana, which makes her amazing raid or war attack hero.

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Right now I have. Joon buldtusk Richard Elkanen and Santana

And attacking I switch tusk with zim.

These are my top hero’s. I know it’s nothing special. But I only been playing a little over a month. Still learning a lot. Just don’t know what to focus on. I been working on wu a lot for titans. And I was planning on mother north as a tank and for defensive team. But if buddy really is my best option then I’ll finish him.

You have some very good heroes.

I would definitely go for this team:

Guardian panther
Joon (sniper)
Mother North (healer)
Zimiktha (debuff)
Richard (but I would not ascend him to max) (I would keep my resources for someone better)

After that 100% Evelyn, she is nice.

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Your heroes are nice. And I understand you tend towards leveling 5* first but It‘s not a good approach. You lack ascension items the most. To earn them you need to kill higher titans (you need 4* for that. Especially like Wu, Jakal, Falcon, Wilbur, Kiril etc) and you want to complete both epic and legendary events because it gives 5 mats for free. So you need at least 10 maxed 4* in your roster. Preferably 15-20 but since you have so many good 5* two of each might be ok for the start.

There are several threads where this topic is discussed. Every discusdion ends in how super important 4* are. And on top of that they cost 12 ascension mats less (8 4* items and 4 3* items for last ascension) and are way faster leveled.

After checking your heroes my personal advice:

The heroes you already ascended should all go to the top (lvl 70). Then bring to 4/70 or3/70 Wu / Jakal / Buddy / Kiril / Grimm / Evelyn / Panther / caedmon.

I would stop with pulling in your case because you have so much to level it will take months to do all the work. Good Luck - your heroes are amazing

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