Please help me find my allicance

Guys, I used to joined a alliance to fight titans and alliance wars together, yesterday I lost my original account because I can not restore my previous backup after update iOS version to 11.3, I don’t remember my alliance’s name, if any alliance leader or member see a member named “alexw1003” or something close with same polar bear face, please let me know, thank you very much, hope you guys have a nice day!

BTW, I’m using the same polar bear avatar in the alliance.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Please, guys, anyone can help me? Just take a look if you can find me in your team, thanks!!

Hello, it is impossible to find a member.
it is imperative that the name of the Alliance.
French alliance?
Allianz top 100?
other names of members of this alliance?

If you use game center or google play (or equivalent) SGG can restore your original account, almost 100% sure of this. Just put in a ticket.

too bad, I didn’t use game center, guess there are no hope to get it back then?

What I’m saying is if any one in the same alliance with me, so they can see me there and gimme a clue to get my account back.

Sorry alex, if you didnt use gamecenter for iphone or whatever there is for android, I do not believe getting your account back is possible. I would definitely email support about the problem as soon as possible.

I email them ask for help already, still waiting for the magic…

They usually get back within a day, I don’t have much hope tho unfortunately… make sure you sign into gamecenter so this doesnt happen again

I spend whole year to built up that account, sadly I’ll give up and say goodbye to this game if I can’t get my account back, can’t afford to start it over…

I’m in thy he same boat but I was sign into Google play and face book and I’ve lost my phone, purchase a new and tried to retrieve my account guess what some reason it didn’t save my lvl stronghold but yet it shows what I’ve paid to get gems, and my gems are gone as well over 4000

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