Please help me decide on who to ascend first between Oniwakamaru and the Guardian Hippo

Currently, my blue fully ascended 5* heroes are: Raffaele, Skadi, Lord Loki, Krampus, Morel, Gaillard, Esme and Sobek. My other blue heroes stuck at 3-70: Fenrir, Alexandrine Frosth and Iris. My blue heroes (not leveled at all): Richard, Magni, Isarnia, Thorne, Perseus, Klaern and Cathal. I was recently very lucky and got Oniwakamaru and the Guardian Hippo. I have leveled both to 3-70. I just can’t decide which one of the two get my only set of telescopes right now. I would love some advice. Thank you.

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Who should Lilyblue ascend first?
  • Oniwakamaru
  • Guardian Hippo

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I can’t reach the answer for you but I can ask some questions to prompt your thinking:

1/ Do you currently have a taunter?

2/ Do you need more attackers or defenders in your team?

2a/ Are you offensive or defensive minded?

3/ What are you after in this game - heroes for events, raids, war or everything?

Depending on what you are after I don’t think you can go too wrong.

Personally, I would go Hippo for the fast mana boost and attack all synergy (you can never go too wrong with mana boost)


1 Which hero you can Max immediately?
2 how fast you can max the hero?
3 if fast Hippo has the upper hand at the moment but a lot of noise ask for nerf, so you need prepared the card to be irrelevant. But now she still good and hope her card maintain at least until Monsters Island quest.
4 Oni seemed are safe from nerf request but who know tomorrow?

I prefer Hippo and enjoy gaming


Thank you very much for your very thoughtful reply. I am grateful for the poll too.

  1. I do have taunt heroes ( Krampus and Ludwig).

  2. I probably need more attackers than defenders.
    I think that I might be more of an offensive player.

  3. I participate in every aspect of this game (wars, all events, quests, seasons).

I have experimented with both heroes and Oniwakamaru is easier and more straight forward to use than the Hippo. The Hippo requires one to activate it before one fires off their other heroes. I haven’t gotten the feeling that the Hippo is over powered (as it is being discussed). It being only at 3-70 hasn’t given me that impression. It fires so quietly too.


Thank you for your reply. I don’t have the ability to max heroes immediately. I always take a long time to level heroes. Both heroes are ready to be given the telescopes. I am having trouble picking which one will get the first set.

You mentioned things to consider too. Oniwakamaru is less likely to be nerfed. Though in the Oniwakamaru thread, I have read opinions that he too is over powered and should be nerfed. I don’t want to waste valuable materials that take FOREVER to accumulate on heroes that will get nerfed.

The Hippo appears to be more recommended so far.

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This can cut both ways, I guess if you like using one hero more than the other that might be a sign in favour of Oni!

Just because the crowd suggests otherwise doesn’t mean you need to follow them (food for thought!!)

On the other hand, it might be a case of finding the right heroes to synergise with hippo (maybe you need other fast/average heroes that can be paired with the hippo to make the most out of the hippo - firing them one after the other - and if you don’t have other fast heroes, maybe the hippo isn’t the best choice? - not trying to confuse, but just exploring the issue further)

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It also depends on your preferred play style. Hippo performs best in a blue stack 3/2 or mono. I pair mine with Tethys and cPerseus who are both Fast and charge up at the same time as Hippo. Hippos’s not so good on Defence.

Oniwakamaru as you say is more straightforward as a taunter and is useful for both Defence and Offence.

Besides telescopes, do you have emblems for both? Best to ascend the one you have emblems for.


Regarding emblems, I have the emblems for the Hippo and not for Oni.

My fast blue heroes are Morel and Gaillard.

Do you find the Hippo over powered? I only ask because at 3-70, he doesn’t seem that way yet.

I appreciate your input.

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With Oni at only 3-70, you can see bosses self destruct. You can see how spectacular he can be. The Hippo at 3-70, he feels stealthier. But I can imagine him being very destructive too.

Then Hippo’s your guy. If you’re intending to use Oni for defence, he’ll need the emblems for better survivability.

I’m mono and construct all my teams to synergise with appropriate troops to charge within 9 tiles or less. So if I get my 9 tiles, it’s likely to result in a win, with or without, Hippo.

So no, I don’t find Hippo to be especially OP. Hippo’'s fun to play with but needs the rest of the team to charge up within 3 turns to be most effective.


Based on current stats, Hippo is the way to go, but based on EnP’s track record it will be nerfed by April balance update. Oniwakamaru has nothing incredible to be nerfed and will serve long.
I prefer him to Krampus for his speed and his undispellable taunt which can be powerful. But i personally like Hippo for its mana buff. It can be game changer on offense.
It is not as powerful as it can be on defense though.

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Thank you all for your advice and all the votes. It was very much appreciated. I have decided that the Guardian Hippo will get the telescopes. I will be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that she won’t get nerfed.

I think the emblem situation was my deciding factor. I will accumulate telescopes again for Oni (unfortunately that will take a long time). But being positive, that will give me time to accumulate emblems for Oni too.