Please help! Lost my iphone and my account

I just lost my iPhone and the game was logged in my game center from iPhone. Now I have an android and I don’t know how to recover my account. Please help!


Firstly please use the search function (:mag: symbol)… there are literally dozens of threads here about lost accounts…

Have a read of some of those threads for some initial advice…

In the meantime, best thing to do is check out the SGG Support website & some of the articles there.

If they don’t help your best bet is to #contact-support:
How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

I already did but I dont find the answer. I dont have my game center information, or account info, and i
cant reach it neither and also switch to google play, so i cant log in in to my account… this is very fustrating…

Ok so if you don’t have anything to uniquely identify your account how did you expect Support to be able to find the account?

In game names aren’t unique so thats not much use… idk mate, not sure that there is anything anyone is going to be able to do to help…

Only thing I can think of trying is to:

  • Borrow an iOS device from someone.
  • Then log into your Apple Account & download the game.
  • This should get your account loaded up if you had it linked to your apple account previously.
  • Then follow the instructions on Support for transferring an account from Apple to Android (or vice versa).
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Help - phone died and need to transfer my account to new phone but dont know my account name

Never wrote it down, i have three accounts total, one is on my ipad mini, the second on a galaxy note, and the third is on my LG phone which died

Hiya, I’ve moved your thread as it’s a duplicate of a topic that is raised many times.

Have a look further up at my suggested options for fixing. Unfortunately nothing we can do on the forum …

(Yes it says iPhone but it applies for Android also).

All the best,

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