Please help - choosing titan/raid teams

Can someone help me arrange my team for raid n titan pls

You’ve got a much stronger bench than me dude! But from what I’ve seen, you can’t set up generic raid and titan teams because every situation is different.

You need to pick a team for each colour of titan and you’ve got quite a lot of choice, so there’s a lot of scope for variety. One of the few universal choices is Wu Kong.

And raiding is even more complex depending on what your facing.

The only team you can pick and leave for a bit is your defence team. Colen, Cyprian, Delilah and jackal are all popular. Kiril is pretty strong too, but most people prefer no more than one healer.

If you share a specific scenario, like what your current titan is, you’ll probably get more specific advice :slightly_smiling_face:

We currently on 5star titans

What colour is the current one? Who are you currently using?

For titan i use wu kong perseus scarlett golden jackal melendo
For raid i dont know usually i use delhlila scarlett perseus golden jackal n melendro

Can u give me some advice pls

Sorry to keep demanding more info, and again, sorry if this seems really obvious, do you know about colour stacking strong colours?

i.e. red heroes are double strength against green enemies, so you should pick two of the strong colour

In the two teams you list, you pick two yellow heroes - Wu or Delilah and Jackal.

If you keep that regardless of enemy then you will struggle against yellow titans and heroes. Do you use Cyprian and Merlin on yellow titans?

Do you swap

Yes i swap it sometimes hu kong scarlett perseus golden jackal n melendro

I never try cyprian n merlin yet

Sorry i was just new in this game so i badly need advice in arrangements

Its not 2 picture only its three photo 1 recent it for u to see i also have grimm n chao hu taw little jhon

No problem.

Well the basic principle is that each colour is strong against one colour and weak against another.

So always pick two of the strong colour and drop the weak one.

If you fight a green titan. Pick two red and no blue.

If you fight another team in raid or war, check the middle enemy colour. Choose two strong colours against them.

E.g. if you fight a team with Cyprian in the middle, pick Wu and jackle

On the 3rd photo just get grimmm n tubertus

To keep it simple

Blue titan - little John, peters, Wu Kong, Merlin, Perseus

Green titan - Scarlett, Colen, Wu Kong, Merlin, peters

Red titan - Scarlett, Wu Kong, Cyprian, Kiril, Perseus

Purple titan - Wu Kong, Delilah, peters, Scarlett, Perseus

Yellow titan - peters, Scarlett, Perseus, Cyprian, Merlin

Again, to keep it simple until you learn a bit more, level one hero for each colour as high as you can before switching to the next one.

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