Please help a noob (me) with defense team

I am having some serious problems on keeping above 2100 trophies. Probably I need some advice with my defense team. So I ask you guys for help. Please tell me which formation and which order would you use! Also tell me which heroes I should ascend first and which would be your last formation when I finish ascending these heroes. Thank you very much. (Sorry for the bad english)

look at this table created by anchor. he helps well
you must also raise your troops.

Thanks malamut. I have already saw that list before. I can understand which heroes are strong but I don´t know which combination. Shoud I use a healer? Do I need to build a team with 5 different colors?

for now, waiting for you to have climbing objects for your 5 stars. I would take wu kong who is max. I would remove gravemaker (a 4-star hero at max 4/70 and stronger than a 5-star hero which is 3/70) and move your heros in relation to their defense and health points. you are not forced to take the 5 colors (rainbow team). we learn a lot by watching the teams attack us on a raid.

It depends on what ascension materials you have. If you don’t have mats for your 5* you can concentrate on your 4* heroes first.

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There is a lot of guidance that could be given based on what I see. I’ll try to help as best I can.
To answer your main question based on what you currently have leveled.
From left to right in your defense-
Greg, Grimm, Sartana, Boldtusk, Wukong.
I put the strongest up front, flanked by impactful average speed heroes, with the squishy heroes in the back. Its not the most optimal choices of heroes though. You could easily switch spots with Sartana and Boldtusk with similar effectiveness.

For the future, I would focus on finishing your quality 4* heroes while you wait for the last ascension materials for your 5* heroes to bring them to final tier (darts, tonics, rings, telescopes)
You’ve got a lot of random 5* heroes who are half leveled when in reality you would be better off if those 3* materials went to a 4* hero. 4* heroes are easier and cheaper to max, have better stats at lvl 4^70 than a 5* lvl 3^70 hero and are useful in all aspects of the game even far after you have a fully leveled 5* team.

For example, instead of bringing Justice to lvl 3^29, you could have picked Li Xiu to final ascension 4^70 and she’ll be more effective while you wait for the darts to bring Justice to 80. (If that’s who you choose, I’d personally choose Joon to 4^80 though.)

As far as who to spend your 4* materials on, I would choose heroes that are more useful on attacking than defending. I would choose Joon, Grave, and Greg. Then use a defense team of Greg, Kiril, Grave, Sartana, Joon until you get a 5* Blue. Aegir (next month’s HOTM) might be a better contender at center than Grave. Or at least I hope he will be.

I hope this helps.
-2Spookd :ghost:

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Thank you very much for the reply!
I am bringing Greg, Grave and Joon to lvl80^4.
I also got Aegir and Magni.
Which defense team would you use?

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