Please give us women some eye-candy male heroes

Dear SG,

Every new hero that comes out is exciting to see and explore, but when 95% of the female characters come out looking like super model babes and 70% of the male characters come out looking like an ogre, demon, or old man, that excitement quickly dwindles to “Ick, guess I have to use him anyway.”

Your underfed player Yoohoo

Okay, so I exaggerated that a bit, but you get my point. There are SO MANY good looking female characters in this game for the male players to enjoy, but we female players are left out in the cold. I’ve had entire discussions about this in my first alliance, my current alliance, and peer support and I am not the only player who feels this way.

In a different thread on this forum I said: [quote=“Yoohoo, post:10, topic:39734, full:true”]
Yeahhh. I have to agrree I’m not looking forward to adding the new heroes to my roster. It’s bad enough I’m stuck with old men and ogres like kiril and boldtusk. Yuck! Why can’t we girls have good-looking eye candy like the guys do? It’s pretty obvious the devs are mostly men…
from that I have recieved 12 likes—and I still recieve a like here and there.

Please, Small Giant, consider the fact that there are a lot of women playing this game and that we, too, like to enjoy some eye candy over ugly brutes we’d rather take down with our hunky guys’ axes.

Whether you’re a man or woman I’d appreciate some support on this so that we can get SG’s attention to this, admittedly pretty minor but still annoying, issue.

Thanks for reading!

I don’t mind ugly male characters like boldtusk I just think “yeah that’s a beast right there, level him up right away” lol
But yeah in my last alliance there was a couple women who wanted more attractive male characters. There’s also a discussion in the forum that people want uglier female characters lmao


@Rook @Kerridoc @Petri

Similar to threads in the past that have exploded into trash talking, heated debates, and spewed hatred from both sides. Timebomb threads.

Probably should keep an eye on it and be prepared to close once it gets out of hand again

I’ll agree that ratio of pin-ups has definitely tilted towards women over men, but there are more than a few handsome gents. See:


I think richard is cute. :wink: haha. Put Thor in the game and im done for. <3


Do you mean like this?


I don’t mind there being a boldtusk here and there. Heck, i think victor looks cool. I’m just tired of the incredible unbalance that leaves me going “okay so she’s cute and she’s cute, but both new guys are fish?” Like at least make half of them cool/good looking.

Unless it explodes overnight I’m going to do my best to keep that from happening. This request has nothing to do with real life stuff so I hope the explosion will be prevented.


Oh there are some handsome male characters to play with, but the ratio is abismal especially when it’s compared to the nice looking female characters.


It helps to know what you consider attractive in a male hero card.

Some like Colen with his fabulous hair, others like Grimm with his bare chest (and BLUEness!)

What hero would you like to see?


How about some of the Greek gods? Adonis, Hercules, Apollo…or German Thor…We have Gandolf (Melendor) how about Aragorn or Boromir? I actually think many of the male cards are attractive, but wish they didn’t look so grumpy (Bane) or dead :slight_smile:


Oh I agree. I’m all for more male beauty. But beware there might then be a thread begging for more male “realism”. :wink:


I’d like to see one vacuuming… now that is sexy :joy::rofl::smiley:



20 characters

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I think there would first have to be a thread for just realism before we get to “male realism”. Like Heroes not carrying more than one two-handed weapons or four one-handed swords… Or heroes being in natural poses (have you seen Kadilen?) or at least logical ones (did you see where Leonidas has the sword?). Or non-human heroes being anatomically realistic (Zimkitha shouldn’t have two human boobs).

But not to be off topic: I kind of like the Boldtusks of the game, however, I do agree that some Gods would be a good addition or the Aragon type


Definitely casting my vote in :slight_smile: of all the male heroes, i find wilbur attractive :stuck_out_tongue:
His great special helps too i think.

And that came out wrong i think


Vacuuming is great, but isn’t there some update planned that would give Boldtusk a chef hat? :thinking: You know, I find men who cook very very attractive :smiley:


I’ve been eyeing Alby though I don’t have him~ :grin:

I love how cute he is but I still hate to battle him in raid for his reviving special. It’s a complicated feeling. :joy:

And I don’t hate Kiril coz he’s old man, I like his warm smile. And he’s been with my main team from the beginning so idc how they look like as long as they are useful heroes to me. :smile:

Though it’s ok to ask for more eye-candy male heroes but please just don’t spill bad words on the other heroes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Look, maybe Santa isn’t attractive, but he’s great with the kids.


Thats what we need: “gender equality”

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