Please give us the reroll back - or another solution for our raid groups [MASTER]

Dear SG Devs,
as you may see in my history I am not complaining that much - usually I take all changes you make to the game and adapt myself to the new stuff.

In this special case I just wanna ask why and point out something you might have overseen:

With Release 30 this option has been taking away.
So if my opponent is online I can´t attack.

(that´s how it looks like now)

I guess you just wanted to force us to use food for rerolling.
I could understand when food would not be the only limitation in the game.
Food is more worth than everything else - so I guess nearly nobody will do.

That was your plan and why it´s not gonna work.

But now up to the most important part you didnt see:

You created a great game - but it fully live from social contacts within and beside the game.

personally I am in so much raid line group and one of the rare thing I love at this game is chasing Friends, 7D Family Members or just other Top Alliance Players.

We make Videos of the fights, win or lost, share and comment fights and revenges.

I won´t make it an epistel - I think you already got my point.

Please give us the reroll back - the small amount of food you wanted to save is not worth the precious part of the game you destroyed now…

Or please give us another Solution - thx @Suicide_Bunny I understand it´s abusing a bug - but then help us and give us a way we can continue have fun fighting eachother.

Thanks for your attention - and I hope you might consider
∆LT∆ÏR - 7D Family


They are finally addressing those little ‘abuses’ that were giving unfair advantage to those who knew about them, instead of playing the game the intended way.

The only way I can see free reroll coming back is if they decide the official reroll is made food free. Which I think has a food cost for a reason.

I do get a point about looking to fight with friends from other alliances - that should be an official feature in the game though, and not something hidden behind unlimited free reroll from unintended abusable mechanic.


I tried my best to write this post really polite and point out what this fix is destroying.
I am with you - it´s a kind of bug and abuse to use it.
So it´s okay to close this door - but not without opening a new one for the really important part of the game.
I just hope this posts can make them aware that there is a huge community of people socialising and they took this away and maybe consider to find a solution for us.
But you are right so I will edit original post with this proposal - thx

The online players appear only if one decides to take revenge. So if it’s about the raids, just click the regular button.


Actually, i think the ‘free reroll’ option was a bug that was exploited by those who knew about it. Honestly, those got an advantage - a small advantage, but still an advantage. Hence, I am absolutely fine with the change.

Nevertheless, new and exciting features allowing us to interact with our alliance mates were announced some time ago. Hey SG, what about those features then? :thinking:


I think what’s stopping them is:

  • preventing players from being stalked/personally abused by other players who can target them and harass all day long
  • preventing players from abusing system another way, i.e. you need to quickly fill your chest? Ask a friend from different alliance to set up 1* defense and just attack them specifically 5 times. Soon every alliance has a ‘farm’ alliance built from their smurf accounts that only exist to be easy target for filling chests.

So I think the real question is not why they don’t want an option to target specific people, but how to implement that without opening door that should remain closed.


Calling @Mr.Spock
sigh, rerolling to find specific enemies for youtube content now become costly :confounded::confounded::confounded:

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I didn’t read this all the way, but looks to be another pretty obsolete complaint again. Thankss

I took the time to read your post all the way - looks to be another use- and senseless comment - thanks for your highly valuable contribution!


No problem buddy


The free re-roll when you revenge a player online has been removed. How petty can you be SGG?

This is not OK!


If it was clear to all players on how to do this(and if it was intended i guess), I’d be with ya 100%

But unfortunately they actually did the right thing here. It was never intended to work that way and was a bug, and only some players knew about the loophole

And things like that will continue since I’m now finding out it’s against the rules to inform others of such loopholes…


In my recollection, it was never a “free” reroll. As I recall, it still cost me food even when I rerolled through that feature

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It most likely was supposed to cost you the food, but it didn’t. That’s why it was a bug and now was fixed. In my opinion: one of the very few good things, the V30 update brought… :grimacing:


I understand and principally support the whole unfairness-thingie-argument. It probably was a remnant from different times.

In any case – if SG is so keen on making us pay for a reroll: GET YOUR (not you, _ALTAIR, but SG) FUFFELIDOODLE-DONG ACT TOGETHER (sorry caps, totally unintentional) and fix the ‘reroll’ mechanism! We keep rerolling for the same enemies! HELLO?! (Sorry, hit that caps lock key again.) Get it fixed already, how f …

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(By the way, I think they used the very same piece of c…ode when putting together Hero Academy level 10! :joy: You are guaranteed another player/hero when you reroll/retrain – but the next reroll/retrain is as likely to lead back to the beginning as any other option.)

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This is going to create more cup dropping as the team difficulty increases and the average food payout decreases at the Diamond level. If they wanted to stop an unfair advantage for those in the know, they could have just added the word “free” to the reroll option when someone is online.

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Come on guys , let be serious.
If you dont want to waste food searching for an opponent you simply wait to be attacked and revenge it. You have 3 chances and free ham and iron if you win.

Lets say that most of the players didnt know this “tip” is it fair for them that some people were exploiting it ?
The initial idea of SG always was to make you pay ham for rerolling


Damn… am I reading this wrong or is it a complain about wasting a maximum of 2.4 k food at a time, at this point… funny thing… at times I re-roll my food away just to empty some space to liberate recruits from TC20…


I do somewhat agree that the free reroll was imbalanced for those who did/didn’t know about it…

The [slight] problem is that this is just going to bring back more cup-dropping that [slightly] went away with the free rerolls.

C’est la vie…

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