Please give players the ability to select a new talent grid path for newly ascended costumes

I feel like it is a huge gameplay detriment to have to reset a hero just to put emblems back on them in the event that you get their costume and the path you’d chosen for the base hero isn’t right for the costume.

If we were allowed to set the costume emblems upon maxing out the costume (based on the number of nodes you have on the base hero.)

So basically the costume talent grid would get a number of usable “nodes” when you progress the grid of the base hero, and you could progress that path independently.

It was a huge improvement when SGG did lock in war and raid tourney teams so that we could change costumes outside of those activities, this would really put the finishing touch on costume interactions.

Hell I’d be glad if they would just give an option to put the emblems on a costumed hero without having to jump between the normal version and the costume version :roll_eyes:


That’d be awesome, too. Just make it really clear what emblems are being used.

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I emailed support the other day for the same reason. I levelled my joon at level 19 for attack, instantly realised I’d messed up, I needed to go for the ‘healing bonus’ on him to carry over to the costume to get me the 2% mana.

My mana troop isn’t level 17 yet I’m about 6 months off now, support advised me I would need to reset my emblem path to correct the issue! Its a nonsense really isn’t it. Instead i ended up with a tiny critical hit boost, on a hero i dont even use a critical troop on!

Your idea gets my vote


Thanks! I just got a costume Joon, myself and I’m in the same boat. Having the costumes should give you more options, not force you to favor one over the other.

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Agree, good idea…
more flexibility to decide helps players …
especially, as this is NOT an area that would affect SG monetarily… and also help players use their resources efficiently and stay motivated to play…


Exactly! Nothing but good things for the players without really costing them any money. Huge goodwill gesture.

I’d also like it if I had the option to spend emblems from the costume class rather than the original. I just got Costume Sartana, and if I could give get emblems without scrapping them off Jean-François that would be very nice

Thats a wholely different thread & idea: Costumed heroes should be able to use emblems from their new class


IMO this is one of those things that would be absolutely amazing, but likely never to be implemented as not lucrative enough for the development effort.

Still, this has my wholehearted vote.


Thank you!

I’m hoping that they see the reason just like they did when costumes were locked because of war and raid tourneys. I’d say this is along the same lines and may have just gone overlooked.

Just finished ascending my costume Joon and really thinking about using a reset button… I am going to wait and hope the SGG does something about this in the future.

This should have been done when they decided to put the costume hero in a different class than the original. If this bothers a player like me who is all fun and and it’s only a game, how much more does it bother a player who can recite the heroes stats backwards in their sleep?

Exactly. Let’s keep reminding them that they left it out and keep pushing for a better way!

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