Please , give an offer with fine gloves and tome of tactics

Devs , i opened a few times thread for fine gloves. Really i bored. Never dropped from chests or titans a fine gloves and heroes are stuck 60/2 or 60/3. We want a epic (really epic) offer , please.


I’ll second a request for gloves. I like gloves. Pleeeeease! :wink:


Can i vote for that? Gloves should be easier to get. Haven’t got one in months… :smiley:


Me too pleeeeeeease​:joy::joy::joy:

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I have a lot of heros with cold hands. Please remember we need to have the chance to keep them healthy.


If you got some $$$ you’re willing to give up and are feeling lucky, the elemental ascension packs on the store have a relatively high drop rate for gloves. Granted, results may vary. But I’ve seen them drop within the first three purchases. This is not optimal as it’s expensive, BUT if you’ve got some $$ dough to spare and are really desperate, knock your self out !!!

NEVER ! buy trainer’s tools packages…


You mean that

Just got 2 pairs from a B rank on an 8 star - felt good :smiley:

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s the place where they take orders?
I take some dards and damascus blades, thank you.

And fries, large service.


Oops (looking for ground to swallow me up)


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I “only” got trap tools this Titan. Darn you gloves! Why must you torture me like this? sob :grin:

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I went a month and a half without getting gloves and had 9 heroes waiting for ascension because of it…now I have 12 extra pairs of gloves and 20something heroes maxed out…it will turn around and you will get your gloves…they are out there…:grinning::grinning::grinning:

opening bid starts at D.Blades, Tomes or Scopes for these fine fine qualify leather gloves…

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Ugh, I’ve heard the other way around. Ascension packs are kind of bad and trainer tools are kind of good. I’ve done 4 ascension packs back to back and all i got was 2 compasses which pissed me off greatly because I was in a desperate need of gloves. Triner tools dont have gloves, but I’ve heard you get 3-4 ascension items per 10 rolls so i’ts kind of ok I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

“I offer…two bits!” :grin:


I am, and have been for months, completely stalled in the game. 7 heroes waiting on gloves. Why buy/train heroes at this point??? Losing interest :roll_eyes:

Got em last night…off a monster chest! :flushed:



wow that is a good monster chest. Mine have been crap…

That’s great! Seriously good to know they still appear for people in need. Cleared a nature chest this morning and added to my compass and cape collection.

I have Cademon, Malendor, Grimm, Tibertus, Chao, Zeline and 1more, forget who at this point. Have steadily dropped in my alliance as others have ascended.

If it weren’t for some friendships, I’d have no problem quitting. I’ve quit spending money.

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