Please get rid of the titan parts garbage

I’ve tracked all chest loot and titan kills the last year and it’s been rather consistent. One unlucky month, some better ones. I only screenshot the 4* drops but I would say the average is 5 per month. 2 from titans, 3 from chests.

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Yall are blowing my mind. First time to E&P forum. I’ve been in the same alliance for over 2 years, and never knew there were +6* Titans. LOL Thats the strongest we’ve ever been able to kill. I think I’m about to learn a totally different perspective to this game. Thanks for Sharing. :+1:

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Trust me, I felt that way, too. Even when being graded A+ against most titans, including rare ones, the 4* ascension mats and the bonus ascension mats go to certain players who have been graded as C or B. Back then, it angers since it was totally unfair. But I have learned to come to terms with it. As long as my weaker alliancemates are getting those, it will help them improve their roster, and as a result, the entire alliance.

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It seems you are very lucky. On average I don’t get a 4* item every month. Almost only get them from quests. I have 5* heroes who are waiting already more then one year on level 3/70 because I don’t get the items to level them.

The same counts for heroes. I don’t have any of the strong heroes like Freiya, Tell, Vela, Poseidon, etc. The last hundreds of pulls I have done in the past year were only 3* and some 4*. With the exception of Gefjon. Luckily I get the bonus heroes sometimes. It already brought me several times on the brink of quiting the game altogether. But I like my ally and his members.

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I was simply referencing what happens in my experience. The fact that every time I hit A+ and get nothing of note but get them more often than not at B, doesn’t change the observation that B loot yields better mats. You won’t get as much food and iron from B, true, but who cares about that.


You arent A+as often as B thou so yes its confirmation bias,unless you track it what i doubt

Exactly , and no I don’t track it ( don’t care to ). It just seems unworthy to fight so hard and use so many mats to maybe get A+ to MAYBE get a small chance at a 4* mat, when you could just take it easy and get a B more often than not and see better results more consistently.

I have been tracking my results for 10 weeks now and it is almost exactly one per week, mainly at C and B with some As on 14* titans without any skipped. Got my weekly one today (tabbard)

Same alliance, same titans - last 4* mat from titan roll was 03 Nov.
I believe thats 45 or so stingy14* titans in a row :ok_hand:

Perhaps my relative good luck with mats is there to counterbalance my absolutely awful luck with pulls…

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