Please get rid of the titan parts garbage

I am tired of hitting Titans and getting A+ loot that has absolitely NOTHING but garbage titan parts i NEVER use! I dont use them, dont want them … and they ruin regular loot drops - i have never received a 4 star ascension item in over three years with A+ loot


Titan part drops don’t effect other other loot. They are based on harpoons used so if you don’t want titan parts don’t have anyone in your alliance use harpoons.


Not true at all - yes harpoons get titan parts but e and p ja subbing those for regular loot - i know this for fact because when i take out the titan parts for my last 12 star A+ all that was left was 3 gems!

Have a brouse at this.


You must be kidding 3 years of playing and you never use any harpoons, caltrops and scrolls created from Hunter’s Lodge?
Those titan parts will be useful at later stage.

With Mythic Titans coming the Scrolls of Alteration will be huge.

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As pointed out above, you only get titan parts when people in your alliance use harpoons… if you are the alliance leader and you don’t want titan parts, simply forbid the use of harpoons, problem solved.

On a slightly more serious note: I have experienced similar when it comes to scoring A/A+ on titans. I get mostly junk, meanwhile others in my alliance with their B and C scores are strutting around in royal tabards, drinking mysterious tonics and flashing their blingy mystic rings, etc. It oftentimes seems like those with the best scores tend to get some of the worst loot.

But that is not always the case. I have gotten some very nice titan loot before.

Finally, the most serious of serious notes: you haven’t gotten a single 4* ascension mat in 3 years of playing? That then begs a very serious question: what level of titans are you fighting? Because if they are below a certain level, that would not surprise me too much, as low level titans almost never drop anything decent.

I think you need to be regularly stringing at least 7 stars and above to have a decent chance of getting good loot. You can score A+ on 5* titans every single day, and never get a single damn thing of value.


“ That then begs a very serious question: what level of titans are you fighting?”

He mentioned that his last one was a 12* I think. And I’ve noticed the same actually. There seems to be “ better “ loot at the B level than any other level I’ve found. Our alliance regularly hits 9 and 10* Titans.


Ah, okay.

Yes, there is oftentimes better loot at B and even C levels… but I have gotten good loot from A/A+ scores, and I’m mostly fighting 8* titans. Seems crazy to me that someone wouldn’t get a single 4* mat from a mid-high level titan over the course of 3 entire years.

I’m not discounting the possibility at all, I’ve seen all kinds of wacky variations of RNG… I just can’t imagine not getting any nice titan loot in that long of a time. That would frustrate the heck out of me.

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Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll …

If you are wantsings the bettar lootsings from the titanses …

try a different game.


Tbh, my third anniversary is about a week away. And I’ve only used poons. I’m making others - caltrops, Tim freeze, and hurricane. Started that recently with excess iron. But I have never used one.

Scrolls on the other hand require ham. I’m not in excess of ham so I’m not making those.


I will agree with B giving better loot.

Yeah. I agree. Epic ascension mats from titan should be 100% drop rate. Alas, we dont experience that. But when we do:


There are more rolls at A,B and C(many persons) than there is at A+ (only one person) - thats why you have such feeling but its not true


Absolutely correct.

Discussed here (one of many other times I would wager): Reward titan was unfair

I will always try to get as high a tier as I can, because I know that my chances of good loot improve as my tier improves. Sadly I am in an alliance with merciless titan slayers so typiclally there are only 3-4 chances to get even the B loot…

Exactly this.

If a 30-person alliance kills 5 titans a week, that’s 5 A+, 20 A and 125 B/C rolls. If, for illustration purposes, A+ gave a 4* mat at 5% and B/C at 1%. The alliance would see 5x more rewards in the B/C category, but an individual will see 5x more rewards from A+.

This is simplified and doesn’t take account of number of rolls in different tiers etc.

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Typically it’s not the same person A+ everytime either. Like @Homaclese my alliance has some exceptionally handy Titan slayers so I’m not A+ very often. Usually B on the whole, occasionally A.

As I get B loot the most naturally I’ll see the odd 4* mat drop. On the rare day I’m A+ and I don’t see the mythical 4* mat you just go “Curse of the A+ hits again! B loot is miles better!”

But it’s just 100% confirmation bias

You lucky ones. I do not know if the game is manipulated, but sometimes that seemes the case. In our ally it is the same thing. Some get nice loot from the titans on a regular base and some get nothing at all for long periods of time. No matter if you are A+, A, B or C rank. And we slay 11 and 12 star titans.

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Mythic titans and ninja tower should change your mind, but it’s simple, stop using arpoons. There, problem solved.

I got a damascus blade with a escaped titan yesterday, so it’s luck, simple luck, or bad luck most of the times.


I agree to the last statement. As a long time player and one of the “heavy boys” of our ally, I even can’t remember the time I got nice loot. The same with all the chests. Especially the last two years it got from bad to worse.

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