Please fix Minion fire rates

Hi SG,

Back in the day many were requesting an update to Delilah cause her minions took forever to fire. She was fixed and they are perfect now.

Can we please humbly request ALL minions to have the same fire rates.

Waiting on a Titan with 3 x 5 of Mother Norths minions wastes precious Titan attack time, same with any of the other minion making heroes.



Would appreciate if all minions would prog at once or at least all minions of the same type.

It’s not only titan attack time, it’s also annoying in all other situations, if there are more than 5 to 7 minions up.


That’s bad, never had a minion hero so I never thought this could be an issues, but in titan attacks it can really waste time.

I would pause the timer whenever the user loses the ability to give input to the game (special animations and such), but I’m not a dev ^^

Why would mother north be in a titan battle?

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Mother North, Buddy, Seshat, etc etc …


Buddy i could see but havent used yet personally so idk how bad the lag is

Bout the only minion hero i can think of that i would use on titans

Inari: dodge & tile damage
Puss: att buff and HoT
Buddy: def debuff
LakeLady: mana degeneration
HeartQueen: cover the team

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Oh yea inari, havent used her on titans in a bit

The rest of those can be done with other heroes except buddy. Even inari can be swapped for someone with with same or slightly less tile damage and not lose a ton of effect

Buddy is really the only one that seems like a given due to being the only green hero that is a regular def debuffer, rest i would just sub out if it’s too big of an issue


Granted but its the principle, make all fireing minions fire at the same rate.


Minions, healing over time (including element link healing) and class ability perk activation (paladin especially).
They all waste time against titans (probably 2 or 3 moves at least).
An easy solution is to ignore animation wait against titans at least

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