Please extirpate the mercenaries

For some months SG restricted the open space for so called “mercenaries”, who collected the bonus items and emblems daily, because they rambled through different alliances with rare titans and even had choice which color/bonus they need.
Nevertheless, they still have a profit. It is not a secret, every 6th-12th titan is a rare one. So, the “mercenaries” are looking for alliances, where a rare titan is awaited, and go there. I’ve seen some people where the defence team has 14-15 emblems on each hero. Still, it is not fair regarding a normal player in an alliance.
This could be solved by a time lock counter for rare titans (10 days, for example), so that those stupid “mercenaries” have emblems and the bonus items chance not more often as normal people. Why they collect rare emblems in a so simple way when we have to buy them? Thx.

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I don’t know if you are aware, but the allocation of *4 AMs is completely random. Besides that, if you don’t want mercs to visit your alliance, make it invite only.

The titan loot was nerfed. So, if you join after a titan has spawned you get less loot. Wouldn’t you ask before helping an alliance, if it was rare or not?

Not sure why you’re anti-mercs, but chat with your alliance mates. Make your alliance invite only. No more issues.


SG has introduced numerous nerfs to mercing already - titan cool down and reduced loot, war chest contribution % etc

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