Please Explain

Can someone please explain this…it has been happening more than usual…

Yeah, happens to me all the time. However, would be happy to just get four attacks in an hour. Sometimes it’s dozens… :crazy_face:

Oh, wait! You are not worrying about other players attacking your defense and you’re losing cups? Then what’s the matter? :thinking:

It’s how the game works …. For some it’s fun for other players it’s more of a nuisance.
I think once you get over 2600 trophies expect to get raided more.
And more players will take the big risk of taking on stronger teams, going mono, and reaping rewards of higher volume trophy wins.
But at the end of the day trophies mean zilch.

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It seems normal to me. Roznomak attacked you and won. You can try to get a revenge if you like. Then the other player attacked you and lost twice. Then they attacked you a third time and won, so you are allowed to seek revenge. The oldest event in your log is a the top of the list, look at the times. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t noticed that events are in the reverse order.

You left us to guess what needs explanation. Some members tried indeed to guess. I don’t see anything special in what you shared, so I suggest you to add a clarification.

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It’s the order of attacks …I think it used to be a win followed by a loss and not the other way around .

The screen you shared has a time stamp on each attack. Indeed you had two defense victories followed by a loss, as you expect.

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