Please explain why different tanks in different type wars

Can you explain why different tanks in different wars? If your dark tank is best it will be best in all types of war… can someone explain this to me? :no_mouth:

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Is this from your alliance? Have they said why they use this method?

No it isn’t . One of the members found this. Tactics look like kotn, but I simply don’t understand why other tank with fieldaid

This is most definitely developed for a specific alliance.

To answer the op question (@VFROOD) , I can only guess but my suspicion would be that there isn’t a reason beyond wanting to mix it up and keep it interesting.

In my opinion, unless you’re in a high level alliance where EVERYONE has options for a good tank in the coordinated colour, the best strategy is to simply field your best defence.

As soon as you start restricting elements or heroes and stuff, you start putting players in the position where they have to field atm team which doesn’t have good synergy or is putting heroes in positions which don’t suit their nature…


I’d just be amazed to see an alliance get 100% compliance for every single switch. I’m amazed when we get everyone on board quickly and we rarely change our tanks :wink:


I hope the creators of this information are OK with you sharing this @VFROOD, especially if it’s something they have developed in house :thinking:.

Could the person who shared it with you, just ask them?!


Dictating color order for war teams is micro managing, imo.

I’m ok with coordinated tank color, but beyond that it’s kind of lame.

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It is to be found on internet. I supports this could be from @Julia of kotn


I have heard of people using specific color tank colors depending on the field advantage and I’m assuming that is what they are going for there. I don’t understand it exactly but it has something to do with the overall hero choices of those colors working well with the field advantage

KoTN doesn’t use blue tanks ever. Switching between purple and yellow.

In upper segment of the leaderboard all alliances use either purple or yellow regardless of the war effect.

It has been a very very long time since my last encounter with blue or red. Some weeks ago we met an opponent with green tanks but we do not recommend this :wink:

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And our friends of King of the North always start with yellow during the last year. Hence that image is not from KotN.

As the person who manages my Alliances war defense teams, I would love it if we were in the position to run like this.

First, matching flanks and wings are a must after you get in the top 250. I think I have seen one top 100 team not run matching flanks\wings. It is a considerable boost to defense IF you have the bench to support it. If your alliance doesn’t have deep benches, then it may be best to just run matching tanks.

As for changing the setup depending on the war type, thats a whole new level. My best guess if they were able to decide what teams take the best advantage of which war type. That means that not only do they have the benches, but the emblems as well.


Any war is best fought with coordinated tank color. (To run opponents out of color strong on tank so it makes their 2-6 attacks weaker). The higher you get the less this is true.
The only reason I can think of for the different color tanks against different field aid would be thsy think there is better tanks vs what ever the aid is eg Blue vs arrow barrage.

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It is true it is a variant of the Yo Momma strategy from KotN, it is not our sheet though. And we are not using tank element for different war modes @VFROOD

If the main change is tank color

How many tanks in each color conflict classes?

With 10 classes and only 5 heroes used at a time and probly typically same heroes outside of tank, i would think it should be fairly easily doable emblem wise but pure guess as i dont have every hero in each class sittin in front of me

Unfortunately, its a huge hit when you change. It’s not just duplicate classes, but hero placement like slow heroes getting moved to wings. With each tank change, you are typically looking at least one additional hero change if not two.

Been there…done it…have the empty iron and ham storage to prove it.