Please explain the banning of Alliance Recruitment members


Hi SG,

I’m posting this on behalf of my friends in the Alliance Recruitment chat. My understanding is that you’ve banned WuWuDemon, HeyAlexa and AxelRose with no explanation whatsoever. If there’s a reason then you need to explain why that’s the case and allow them to defend themselves to some extent. These 3 players are generally well liked and respected in that chatroom so it comes as a shock to them, myself, and many of the Alliance Recruitment room that they’ve been banned. I basically live in Alliance Recruitment and I don’t see them swear, bypass swear filter, they don’t spam, they’re friendly to everyone, they even greet people.

Can you please provide some sort of explanation to them? It’s the least any player in this game deserves before just getting banned.

Also, for the future, please provide any sort of explanation for banning so there’s a chance to defend ourselves. If we messed up, fine, we deserve it but they don’t even know what happened. You might view us at dollar signs but we see each other as a community of players, ones that should be given reason for being banned and a chance to explain any actions.

I hope you can at least provide an explanation to them and not ban me for standing up for people.



I suspect this post will be locked, since it violates forum rule number 14.
I can say that I have heard that explanations do follow a ban, but may take a while. I’m not sure if this is always true but I have now heard of it happening twice.

In the meantime. here are the forums rules for review:


I don’t know for sure, I know WuWu she is a lovely player, I don’t know Axel or Alexa but Axel admitted that they were doing this;

Even if an alliance seems dead that is a huge risk, it only takes one person from each alliance to take offence or report for it to get picked up. If there are only a few active players there then they can still see it as extremely disrespectful.
If they were banned for any other reason then I have no idea.


You’re right. I missed it in my skimming of the rules. My bad.

I do want to say that they still deserve explanations and if it’s just delayed then fine. However, I hope they get a chance to defend themselves as they are all great people and a positive addition to that chat room.


I’m confused, was that to show why that person was banned? I see nothing there that warrants. Wing banned…
I also spend a great deal of time in AR, all 3 of those players are so helpful to others. I’ve never seen them bully, or cuss or do anything that should cause being banned. And there MUST be a reason given. This has happened to others b4 as well, and it seems people need to quit being sooooo thin skinned. This time, I think you’ve made a mistake.


@TijaraTaj We really can’t be having this discussion. Please refer back to the forum rules @General_Confusion posted above


Now I’m super super confused… how did what I said break forum discussion rules? Not trying to be difficult, really! Just don’t understand, and would like to. I’m scared to post anything now, cause who knows what is “safe”


This is debating the decision. You’re not going to get banned or anything, so don’t sweat it. Just don’t debate the decision :slight_smile:


My point was simply that they admitted to doing something that upsets players, as evidenced by the fact that people are opening forum posts to talk about it, and could have led to them being reported. Maybe it wasnt that, we dont know.
Forum policy though is to not discuss punishment cases on here; I probably shouldn’t have posted anything at all and youre certainly not going to get answers from staff on here before they shut the thread.


@Rook, @Kerridoc, @Coppersky this one probably ought to get locked to avoid temptation

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