Please explain Mindless Attack to me

I pulled Merlin during the most recent event and have leveled him close to the point that I will be able to use him. But first I want to make sure I understand Mindless Attack. Is this correct?

  1. When a hero who has been hit by Merlin’s Mindless Attack fires their special within the timing window, it will hit one of the heroes teammates or themself.

  2. The odds it hits any one hero are 1/n where n is the number of living heroes on that side (that is, the hero to hit is chosen randomly).

  3. Mindless Attack takes the place of whatever the affected heroes special is. So, if I hit Azlar and then he goes off, I should NOT expect him to wipe out his entire side with his special. Similarly, a healer will NOT cast heal, instead actually making an attack.

  4. When a hero fires their special, that does NOT get rid of the Mindless Attack (it’s an ailment). If their mana gets filled again within the applicable number of turns, they would attack their team again.

Lastly, I was unable to find any information on this: what attack stats are used for Mindless Attack? Merlin’s, or the afflicted hero (the answer to that could change who it gets cast on, if two enemy heroes were both about to fire)?

  1. Yes.
  2. I’m not sure, but yes. Obviously titans always hit themselves :grin:
  3. Enemies affected by Mindless Attack don’t use their specials. They just hit a teammate and loose all mana.
  4. Correct. Works very nice with combos.
    Lastly, the attack uses the stats of affected hero by Merlin’s skill

Note 1: I’m not sure, but think there a little chance of missing the target in that hit.

Note 2: Merlin is one of my favorites. Along with Proteus, they make an amazing mana control team fighting Guinevere for example, or Delilah.


To help clarify, the attack triggered by Mindless Attack is the same “slash attack” a hero makes when the timer over the little sword in the lower left corner of its icon clicks down to zero. It’s a straight single-target attack at 100%, modified by whatever buffs/ailments are on the target. What’s confusing is that the mana drops to zero, making it seem like it’s the special that is being cast.

BTW, it’s great fun to see this result when the afflicted hero has Wu’s buff on and the unfortunate target has a defense debuff. Merlin makes me LOL.


So in the qi situation, I’m guessing the damage increase is active but is there also the chance to miss?

Just pulled merlin and was looking for more info on his special!

It essentially does very negligible damage generally. The main point is emptying the opponent’s mana. But there are funny edge cases: Wu increases damage, but has a chance to miss. Arthur reflects the mindless attack from blue - which happened a couple of times to me in Avalon… I think he targeted himself and then reflected to himself…

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Ah thanks, yeah the mana cut is really useful!

How does he stack with Gretel?

I don’t have Gretel, but I think they overwrite. He doesn’t overwrite Silence (though Silence makes his power kind of useless).

@mpolo As does the mana stop provided by Hel and Proteus. If you use any of them with Merlin, don’t hit the side Proteus is gonna fire on with Merlin.


Would you explain Wu’s and Arthur’s cases in more detail? I’m not sure I understand. :woman_shrugging:

I think what they are saying is if you cast mindless attack on Wu while his special is active, then the mindless attack damage to Wu’s ally (or himself if no one else left) would be increased due to his buff, but there would also be a 32% chance to miss with the attack on his ally

the reference to Arthur and reflect is when Arthur is a boss in the Avalon event he has a blue reflect (the three little shields in front of him), meaning that if he hits himself under mindless attack, he reflects the damage to himself, but it makes no difference, he still takes the damage

Like was stated these are edge cases to do with the damage done by mindless attack, but the damage isn’t the important part - the important part of that special is that the mana bar is emptied

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Exactly what I meant. Thanks. (I was on vacation and not checking the forum…)

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In war, the opponent’s Hippo went off. Then I cast a mindless attack on two of the opponent’s enemies and once they reached full mana they attacked one of their allies but then Hippo’s special caused my allies to all take damage. Hippo’s card reads when “any other ally casts their Special Skill” but they are not casting a skill when under mindless attack so how are my allies all taking damage?

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Their special skill is changed in the description to mindless attack so when they hit an ally it counted as them firing their special. The better option if you want to stop the hippo effect in this situation is either silence or the ability like Hansel where when special bar reaches full that they take damage and lose mana.

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Thanks for the info!

Ability like Xandrella

Xandrella may be similar I don’t know I don’t pay any attention to 5*s unless I’m fighting one. The original was still Hansel and Gretel though.

Special bonus, when they cast their mindless attack, their passives linked to firing their specials can still go off. So I’ve had times where they fire, and I still get burned by their passives. Gargoyles are also another fun one as their stoneskin will still activate.