Please explain how to win against vivica tank, Rigard and BT flankers


Board was Blue attacker, BT, Vivica, Rigard and Zeline.

Every time I nearly had Zeline down whoosh there she was completely there.

My team was GM, Magni, Delilah, Sartana and Zeline. 2x took me 5 mins to loose. And other team was completely healthy. May be I had twice a bad board.

But can someone explain how such a team can be beaten? :frog:


double up on vivica & use a fast mana reducer


The defending team were: (blue) - Boldtusk - Vivica - Rigard - Zeline
and you attacked with Gravemaker against two cleanser nothing less…

Gravemaker - Magni - Delilah - Sartana - Zeline

Well, in my opinion you should have focused first on killing the three healers and then killing the blue attacker and Zeline: once you took out Vivica and Rigard you Gravemaker could have been more useful with his special not cleansed or you could have even swapped him with Boldtusk to reverse Zeline’s ATK debuff, empowering your strikers and blast your way to ghost tiling (center).

Its not like your team were so buff reliant so Zeline weren’t a primary target and in that case by bringing an ATK buffer, united to the fact that Zeline were on the wing and not near the tank, would have make her fire not so quickly (and not as effective).


I’d bring buff remover (Zel, Caed, Sonya) and attack booster (Bold (Kiril, weak to Zel)) to counter debuff from Zel. Another healer is a good choice imho, so Delilah should work ok. And Magni and Sartana to snipe off defenders one by one.


I’d take out bold and the blue atker side first vivica is slow and not an issue. Magni should wreck bold. Once bold and the blue are gone the team has no offense.

Ghost and take out vivica next then either rigard or zeline.

It’s a bit easier once you have hero’s that counter healers. Hansel, Peters, hel, proteus, (sorta Perseus)…


I’d take two healers and three snipers/splash hitters. Let the center heal themselves as you charge up mana then take out one hero with three specials, and heal yourself. I’d probably take out a sniper first, then Zeline or a healer.

It just gets easier when you can ghost tiles after you kill any one of them.


I think there was maybe a bit of bad luck to lose that matchup three times…

I’d have run with isarnia and kiril, boldtusk, panther and sartana.

Gives me big defensive debuff, 2 x attack buff, double purple on Viv with elemental down and dispel on three, and a sniper

I really like this thread, just hearing how different people would solve the puzzle!


Put heroes that clear bonus (sonya, caedmon, melendor)
healers are a good idea
Put 1/2 purples.
Put heroes Tahar higher your attack
Wukong might do the trick against tanks. Tank have very high defense, you need very high attack.

I can definetely beat this team with only the use of 4* .it’s Entirely possible and satisfying, if you have the right heroes, it’s not that hard :slight_smile:


As you can tell from all the above posts, the trick is to take out Blue attacker, BT, Vivica, Rigard and Zeline FIRST. Once you do that, the rest is easy :wink:


This thread highlights my favorite part of this game. The puzzle aspect of figuring out your best plan of attack and how much it can vary depending on roster and play style. And reminds me that even though Im pretty C2P and have only 2 good 5*s…I’m quite thankful for gaffar and hansel :smile:



You could try this.

  1. Stack 3 purples - 4* or 5* but preferably at least one 5* purple. (Preferably one of these purples is also a healer)

  2. The other 2 heroes are at least 4* healers, different non-purple heroes.

You should be able to win once out of the three attempts using that, unless you are very unlucky.

Alternatively, I used 4 x 4* rainbow healers (if you have Sabina and Rigard, even better) and Drake Fong against a similar lineup. Both teams survived until about the tie-break, and then I broke through.


You want to bring at least 2 purple and at least 2 either yellow or blue for the flank heroes. Something like sartana, tiburtus, Magni, kiril, and Delilah could stay in. Or you could triple up on purple and bring Sabina as well. Raiding with rainbow teams doesn’t really work very well against fully leveled defense teams because your tiles won’t do much damage, but the defense team gets a 20% attack buff and they charge mana much faster than the attacker.


I see 3 healers and just reroll. Too much time/ effort to kill them. Zeline not dieing is like lots of similar heroes not dieing…not the board…just not worth it.

If you must, use mana suckers and healing debuffers. Jabbar and Gretel work well with Nat when Kashhrek tank or Zeline/Lianna on flanks


The color composition you want is two purple, two blue, one red. With my roster I would take Cyprian, Sabina, Grimm, Alasie and Boldtusk. Charge your purples out the gate so if the healers go off you can dispeller the buff. Grimm also counters Vivica’s buff. Alternative team is two purple, two green one red and in that case I’d swap in Skittleskull and Little John. Definitely doable with a 4 star team.