Please explain advanced house. Once my house finishes training a recruit, it sends it back to the house

Hey, I’m confused about the new Advanced house. When I click on it for a completed recruit (training finished), it sends it back to the house pool, rather than allowing me to collect it as a finished hero. I know this is a new system, but I also know I’m not the first to experience it. Thanks!

The Advanced House produces Recruits, the same sort that you get from farming and winning Raids.

They’re not Heroes, but can be used in your Training Camps to produce Heroes, just like any other Recruit.

The oddity of the Advanced House is that it both produces and stores the same resource — Recruits. In contrast, Mines and Farms have separate storage buildings apart from production.

So yes, it’s a little funny that you collect a Recruit from the Advanced House…and that puts them into the House.


Thanks for your response, but these are completed recruits, thus hero’s. The house finishes them, they should be done & ready to use

That’s not how it works. A recruit is not a hero. Generating recruits is not the same thing as training heroes. The Advanced House is not a method for training heroes. It’s just a way to both store and produce recruits.

Training Camps are the buildings which convert recruits into heroes.


Obviously nobody has enough time or expertise to help. It’s ok, thanks

Sorry for my previous response & grateful for the responses. Just having a hard time grasping my mind around it

The green guys are recruits, not heroes. They are what training camps convert into heroes.

The Advanced House actually makes more of the recruits, in addition to storing them. But they’re still just recruits, not heroes or troops.

You can see here that the Advanced House is just producing recruits. The symbol showing what it’s producing is the recruit symbol, not a hero symbol.

When they say “training recruits” in the tooltip, they mean “making more of them.”

What the Training Camps do is train recruits into Heroes:

You can see the difference in language between the two. Advanced Houses don’t train Recruits into Heroes like Training Camps do. They just produce recruits from nothingness, which SG refers to as “training recruits.”


So the only way I can understand this is…
I basically get 1 free recruit per hour. (Provided I keep the minimum). This is different than my original impression of the advanced house. Originally it sounded as if that house would produce a hero. Is it correct now to assume that it just ’ adds’ a free hero you didnt earn per every 66, giving it 67? So in layman’s terms you get a free one every 66,

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In the picture Garanwyn attached

  1. The storage capacity number indicates how that house contributes to the total number of recruits you can have from all sources (farming, raids, advanced house).
  2. Production per hour indicates how many recruits the advanced house produces per hour, as long as that house isn’t full. See point 3.
  3. Production storage capacity indicates how many of the recruits produced by the advanced house can be stored before you have to click the icon to collect them (like food from a farm).

That makes sense to me how you explained it, thank you! Amazing how a little twist of the word helps. Cheers :sunglasses:


slightly OT:
The Recruits you have are both genders: Male and Female. You can see it, if you look at the trained recruits, when they become heroes. There are also Male and Female ones.
So I’ll assume that the advanced House have special “social interacting” rooms. A Male and a Female goes in and “interact”, and some times later, the Female will “split”, so there is one more Recruit than before, the jälkeläiset.

You never get heroes from the Advanced House. You only get recruits from it. The only buildings that can make heroes are the Training Camps.


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