Please Enhance Cheshire Cat

This is a plea for making Cheshire Cat more powerful. He is a cool hero but hits like a wet paper towel!

Welcome to the forum @Geno.
Specifically what changes do you want to see to Cheshire cat? His special is unique and I personally wouldn’t change a thing. :thinking:


I agree with @Sarah2. Cheshire Cat is quite powerful in his own right. Plus, he does no direct damage so I don’t know what you meant by hits like wet noodle. His poison DoT is quite high for a 4 star hero, and cannot be dispelled. I have been using my CCat+19 for a long time now in various tournaments, titans, raids, wars, etc and it never felt like he needs a buff.


CC does have a unique special skill. However, since it isn’t always useful to move the enemy positions, it would be nice if he could have a little higher amount of poison damage or be able to inflict some initial damage to go with the poison damage. I have him maxed out through emblems but he isn’t as useful on offense as say Colen or Kelile unless you happen to get into the situation where you need to move the enemy positions.

I agree with you @Geno, CC needs a buff, but I don’t know what the correct course of action is.

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