Please destroy this new seasonal event

Right… that’s what’s making map stages so unappealing for me… can’t find motivation to go through all those incredibly boring mob waves, followed by OP bosses over and over and over again. Never finished S3 or 4, 5 will be the same. Just because they’re unable to make me want to find out what’s gonna happen next. Here, as in so many aspects of this game, the “we don’t give a sith for anything except money” attitude of the developer shows it’s ugly head.

I actually quite enjoy this seasonal event. I like the progression through rare to legendary and I like that the story grows with it. I knew nothing of Finnish myths and folklore. No clue what a Sampo was or the story that went with it.

The loot is decent for free and it’s not a complete drain of my life playing it.

I’d rather this than the rubbish Sand Empire anyway…

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That reminds me…

Other than the dark lord, have any of the members of the villain Family actually appeared in their own story yet?

I like all the seasonal events. Sand Empire, Kalevala, etc., at least they all give some new mechanic to spice things up.

(of note, Sand Empire is the only one whose mechanic is completely positive, you don’t get hurt or punished for not matching the lamps and hourglasses!)

Kalevala at least has an improved storyline, well improved in the sense that it is longer and changes as one progresses through difficulty. It’s not much but it is still an improvement.


No, they’re hidden in the underworld

I agree the play mechanics of Sand Empire are the most fun. The Lamps change how you play a little and it’s nice for something to be different. The story is one of the worst though. Not that I expect Charles Dickens level writing but the Sand Empire just felt like a miss right from the start…

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Oh yeah, the story there is non existent, and the characters have even less personality than most - which is really saying something!

Strange that they would appear in the villain summons and not in the underground summons.

The Sand Empire should be integrated with the new Egypt style season 5 story.

The Sand Empire characters should be immune to sandstorm damage.

That’s because they’re in the underworld not the underwild

…I am a bit confused.

Do any of the villains, like say, the Minotaur, appear in any Quest or map stage?

We all know that the Dark Lord appears as the final boss of season 1.

But where on the maps are any of the others?
Which season?

They’re not, perhaps they’ll appear later on in a different season.

That’s the problem with too many heroes, they’re just thrown in to get the summons going

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A number of them appear in the S1maps as basic or boss enemies. Eg Ingolf is in the purple special stages etc

i like this event and hope there will be some more

And that there is the biggest problem I have with this event.

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Only if those new quests make use of the obsolete season 1 Heroes and put them in families instead of creating new Heroes which this game is already overcrowded with.

What do we expect SG to do? Take away all the slot machines from the Casino…
and there won’t be any Casino left… no?

There is no need to exaggerate the effects of taking a break from making up new Heroes.

What would be wrong with overhauling the obsolete season 1 Heroes and giving them their own quests and stories? Not to mention the new families they could form?

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Humorously, Meilikki is the only hero I care about getting from thsi event because I’m still lacking a 4* or 5* minion summoner. Aside from that and the cute cutscenes that actually “change” between the three difficulties, it is kinda meh.

Since they’re singing too, could shove them into the Bard family. We finally got a red reflect Challenge Event.

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