Please destroy this new seasonal event

It looks just as awful and uninspired as the slayers event. :roll_eyes:

What is so hard about small giant creating new purposes for the obsolete season 1 Heroes and adopting them into families, some in the already existing families and others in a new family?

You could easily create a Robin Hood Quest with some of your season 1 Heroes. You have a Little John and Friar Tuck. Why not create a Holy Maid Marion and a Red sheriff of rottingham, and a evil purple Prince John, and Robin Hood himself?

You have a great idea I like it, but also I’m happy with the new event.


To be fair, it’s a Finnish company that wanted to celebrate Finnish heroes. Even if we don’t know them, they mean something to the programmers.



Is this new Quest based on Finnish mythology?

Yes look it up, the artwork itself is a good giveaway.


I’m happy with this new event too, but the artworks are meh. They are not as good and eye-catching as Valhalla heroes or heroes from old challenges (BK, Guinevere, Lady Locke) or CoK heroes. But I don’t have to like them all, that’s fine. I like the quest in that form. I ascended and emblemed many rare and epic heroes and I’m glad that there are hero rarity restrictions. I like it.


The heroes look like a couple of medieval farmers working for the knights from COK.


Yes, cultural mitological Heroes.

Yup indeed. I appreciate this event and its heroes as a way to learn more about Finnish mythology. I’m happy with it


I don’t get the point of this event… we already had a summer seasonal… with a summer theme… kind of… and now, this… it has… nothing… no immersive story, no appealing heroes (aspect or otherwise), no spark… there’s nothing wrong with it, but also nothing right… might as well restarted Sand Empire once more. The only catch I can think of is drawing some EHT’s away from the winter gate… althought I don’t see players massively using EHT’s to get these less than average (by today’s standards) heroes.


I like the event, but i am getting new hero fatigue

It feels like every event now brings 3-5 new heroes or costumes and it’s just starting to feel pointless


I feel the same, I don’t bother to learn the new heroes’ names anymore (unless I pull them)… which means I know most of the new 3*, some of the new 4*, and almost none of the new 5* :rofl:


Relax everyone…. Just look at this as a chance to get a free tonic at the end!! Come on


Is it a tonic? 5* aether?

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Even better!!! 2 nice freebies :+1:


I don’t know I was asking, if I’m not mistaken we get a scope at chrimbo, tabard at Halloween, tonic at Easter, darts in summer, what about the rings?

On the basis that we’re getting ice aethers, I feel like we might be getting another scope possibly? At least I hope so, because I need warm capes of all things!!

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Hope you get what you need, I need darts, tabards and rings, …these are a few of my favourite things

I mean now I’m not that bothered about saving tokens for Easter, Summer or Halloween due to having the heroes that matter or they are rubbish (looking at you summer) so at least I’m now not saving gold disks for a year for Xmas where I only need Krampus and Pengi.

So another place for Gold tokens I just earn from gameplay is fine by me.


My alliance was discussing the same thing this morning. We were discussing if the new three and four star heroes were any good and most of us just don’t care. So many new heroes they all blend together and just take up my valuable space.