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My food for today.

Bavarian rules!


And listening to Ciaran McAuley feat. Susana - Daring to Love.

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Just made a big pot of chili and poured some Appleton Reserve.

Listen to: State of Mine - Seeing red

It’s Friday so I just had Steak and Chips.

Medium rare of course

Pizza for lunch, oldies rock streaming on my computer. Honeymoon Suite right now.

When I get home I have leftover penne and probably some Nightwish. Man can that singer Floor me :rofl:

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@nevarmaor I see what you did there :smirk_cat:

Staying in Finland, I’m listening to Antti Martikainen \m/ I’ve got a nice can of Thatcher’s Gold Somerset cider, as I don’t have to go out tomorrow :apple:

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Dang that Antti Martikainen is good. Finland has some great music.

Enjoy the cider. I’ve got a couple dark ale here with the penne.

Thanks man! Yeah, he’s great, isn’t he \m/ I wish I had some dark ale but it’s morning here so it’s a wake up coffee now :rofl:

I’ve moved a bit musically; I’m listening to Grimner (from Sweden) now :guitar: