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The only way it can be done without losing resources is that game itself will render heroes in AW battles as if no modifiers (emblems, costume) applied.

But it might be interesting and refreshing.

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That would so totally kick butt. I would enjoy that. Anybody would enjoy that. Then it’d be all about skill and how well you can read your board. Nice suggestion yo.


Will lead to a big venting/complaining thread how unfair this is.

All those (new) p2w players who spent a lot and have only HOTMs, seasonal, events, s2 and S3 heroes will get crushed.

Anyway, I like the idea.


Great idea I hope they do this! This is so different and include skill to win you got my vote for sure.

I do think it’s an interesting idea but that is assuming that everyone has all the season 1 heroes which could be a problem for some. It would also seem like this is being geared towards players who have played for a long time.


Great idea,… example…
Epic War: so all epic 4* and below heroes allowed… Emblems and troops are ignored, thats cool :muscle:

Nice idea :slight_smile:

It can be added to the other ideas:

Dont think I like it. There would need to be different war score calculations for when the type of hero is reduced (eg top 30 heroes currently used would need to be top 30 S1) Also this helps those with bigger rosters more than those with smaller ones, I hold 90 heroes normally plus 15 space for feeders. Of those 90 only 38 (I think, counted quickly) are S1 and a lot of those are unlevelled dupes and 3 stars. In order to have enough choice I would need to start paying gems to expand my roster size and dont think this pay barrier should be put in the way. Currently 3 & 4 stars from S1 I dont want are food, 5 stars are either last on list or for when I eventually get HA set up.

Also I want to put my best against my opponents best…