Please change the way summon portal works

After a year of playing, the whole game is mostly played with muscle memory and fast skipping and hitting buttons before they are even visible.
And also in spite of almost zero chance of summoning 4 or 5 star heroes! chance of of obtaining an EHT is even less than summoning 5* heroes due to generosity of devs! :grinning:
It means that we are usually summoning at least 3 heroes using silver tokens every day considering chests.

To cut the long story short, this is the 3rd time that since Atlantic free summon is available, I accidently hit free summon and wasted 150 gems because I thought I had a free summon.

This is a simple UX issue, easy to solve.

Have this ever happened to you too?

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You must accept twice when you using gems in summon portal. You really playing too fast.


I know. But since it takes forever for summoning animation to play and hero appear, gamers try to tap to speed up the summoning. And that’s when accidental confirm happens.

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This hasnt happened to me.
What has happened is accidentally raiding someone before changing my offense team because my thumb accidentally slid over the “attack” button while on its way to slide up to edit my team :sob:


And you got (Sob) lost. Right?
Oh I am so sad for ya now (Wink)