Please change the way of getting past Hotm

Dear Dev,

I had written/reply a few posting and suggestions before especially the one regarding the AW.
Asking them to take heavy consideration into troops as well as pairing those winning alliance against those winning alliance. Let the strong meet the stronger etc.
Am really glad that they did something to matchmaking of AW.
Although they might already plan to do so even before I proposed.

The above brief intro is just to say that I shared passion and interest in the game and am looking forward to give suggestion which I feel more justified and appealing to all players.

This time, I am writing in hoping that SG can do something about our options of getting past Hotm.
Although SG had been promising players that past Hotm will be back available and SG must be laughing and smiling over the past few months of money rolling in due to the reappearance of the past hotm but I sincerely feel that the system is failing.

  1. I feel that putting past Hotm into season 2 summoning is actually very unfair for new players. Hotm is suppose to be a BONUS summon, not one of the events 5* that is super tough to get like Guin, Panther, Hood. Now it is NO LONGER consider a BONUS draw.
    Current month - Players can get up to 3 bonus draw is a 10x pull.
    N now can we get 3* Hel in a season 2 10x pull?

  2. Getting a jackpot 5* heroes of special events draw is already very tough. Devs are putting more spots of 5* heroes in S2 and probability of getting the one you really need is real real slim.

  3. Hotm - F2P and C2P players have a chance to get them while diligently saving up Epic Hero tokens. They can patiently wait for events like Halloween and Christmas to kill two birds with one stone. Giving them chances, giving them hopes to stay in the game with rare heroes.
    But putting them in season 2 summoning means : no money, no honey.
    How many Atlantis coins can they ever gather to do summoning?
    How many 3000gems can they saved for a 10x pull?
    I suppose 80-90% of us pulled our S2 heroes using gems.

  4. S2 open - 3-5days per month while Hotm lasted for a month of chance to draw.
    They are no longer past hotm, they are all historical heroes already.
    Due to the increasing numbers of Hotm Devs are making, so once the historical heroes window closed after the 3 days and you will wait for 8months later then see it again? Maybe even longer if you keep increasing the heroes option, it become once per year. So next time - shall we call it hero of the year? Hoty.

So I would sincerely ask SG to consider my proposal.
Let Hotm stay the way as Hotm.
Let Hotm stay as bonus draw as MONTHLY heroes.

So how to do it?
Every month - Hotm will have 3 featured heroes. 2 of the past and 1 new comers.
Let every players have the option to choose their desire bonus draw! Meaning when we go to summon and see the hotm page, we saw 3 heroes and option to tick which one to draw if we are lucky.
Then everything is as per normal as we run the games/events etc etc…

But if players are doing events/regular summons, if they are lucky enough to get the bonus draw. It will be the one that they opt for! Well, we already know when RnG dun like you, you can run dry 90draws without a hotm. so if we are lucky enough to get a hotm, why can’t SG let us choose from (one out of three) of the many hotm you created?

If Sg/Devs are thinking for their pockets, I think this works two ways.
I dun think players will mind to have some duplicate hotm like gravemaker etc…
Top players are always willing to widen their collection to have 6 best teams during AW.

It is true that some mid spending players might stop after getting the one and only one he/she really looking for but do you consider that newcomers might spend like a whale when they first join?
Cos they might want all the 3 different hotm.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that Devs and SG will be reading this and do some changes before this system of hotm is failing.

Thanks for reading,


I have been thinking about the same thing, but I gave up thinking that it will change. Still happy you took the time to write it down. Thanks!

Thanks What for reading and replying this post.

Actually I am quite surprised that not much players actually agree or feel the pain of past hotm becoming heroes in S2. There will be so many hidden issues and I am sure that they will be more unhappiness in near future.

Will see when more players wanted S2 heroes but drawing duplicate past hotm from S2 summon as a issue too.

Sorry, i can’t really agree with you.
Atlantis portal is an AMAZING way for new player to catch up to older ones.

A huge spender can summon only from that and obtain not only 3 different HotM, but even 2 new season 2 heroes along with the same old good regulars legendary heroes.
And n top of that in the process you obtain even many ascension items.
It is paradise.

Now just try to think of people that play for over a year or more, that spent huge money when HotM still wasn’t around or just began and that has seen their heroes slowing fading away from every chart.

Yes, C2P and F2P has a bit more hard, but honestly, it was hard even before.

I would really glad to see that new heroes and old HotM in the training camps, but since that will not happen (not anytime soon at least) i can’t see the Atlantis portal as something in the way of new players.

Totally the opposite.