Please change the point system

Wars have become totally smashed be people fighting with 5x1* heroes. Winning against such a team only grants you 33 point. So you can only make 218 point. Winning against at +4700 p enemy grants you around 100-140 point. If you win half your battles you can’t loose. That is simply just a major bug in the game setup!

This has been around a while. See here.

I think this is the first post I’ve seen in this category though.


Wow that was actually posted from me a couple of years ago.

Scary thought that I am still around.

Happy Holiday’s @littleKAF

Yarr!!! :pirate_flag:


Nice forum title, Yarr!!! :pirate_flag:


You and a few others. I thought this thread would be merged, but I couldn’t find one in this category so felt it appropriate to keep it alone.

I always find it funny when I find one of my old ones. It’s interesting reflecting on where o was at.


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