Please change the class of Richard or Thorne

They are the two most alike in the game, similarity ratio exceeds 90% …
4 F2P I think there is a problem in the “Soriser” class … the only one present is Quintus, while there are 3 in the “Paladin” category

This has also bothered me that there is only one Season I Sorcerer but 3 Paladins. I have 25 Legendary heroes and not a single one is a Sorcerer. I am hoping one day for a use for my 943 Sorcerer emblems.

The same could be said for Leonidas and Joon being two yellows in the same Monk class. I feel diversity would have been best and that the classes could have been thought out better upon their initial rollout for Season I heroes. Perhaps they just used RNG to assign classes. :rofl:

That said, I expect no change. Just better luck on pulling future heroes.

Where is that image from ? Could you show us the source ?

I wont opine about Thorne and Richard specifically (even knowing that putting 2 alike heroes of the same element in the same class is BS).

In general, the emblem classes have a ridiculously bad distribution. Looking in S1 heroes it’s even worse.

Horghall being a druid, even its combines with his element, doesn’t help him in anything. Sartana is a sniper why is she a wizard? (Wizard class doesn’t do anything actually anyway). Too many questions. Paladin class is actually a lot saturated too.

It’s an outdated image of class distribution. You may find newer versions here in the forum.

@kami this is the latest of all heros in classes.

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Dont agree that wizards dont do anything. When I have some buffs and Sartana snipes my full health Zim for sometimes 1300 damage it can really screw me over. Admitted it’s rare, but sometimes it does happen and make a difference.

This is the complete picture

There is no source … it is from my Line group

Thanks ! Is there higher quality image, pls ?

There is not much sorcerer heroes unfortunately. I put my emblems on Quintus at the start but if i do not get his costume in the near future, i m gonna reset his emblems and put that emblems on Almur and Chesire Cat.

There is always a source & content creator. In this case it looks like they have put a watermark on the bottom right corner which is (unfortunately) too blurry to read.

@kami here is a higher quality image of the same thing:

(click to enlarge)


Tks Guv !

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There should rather be change class tokens to select any class you like for any hero you like.

That would be crazy cool to customize the own roster a little more.

You could even have fully emblemed dupes in different classes.

Thorne should get a thorne minion.

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