Please can COK have Event Chests - Vote now, at the top 👆

Would help if there was extra chance for CoK coins from Event Chests.

(The ones that are shielded then open and show their teeth)


  • Yes CoK should have coin chests
  • No CoK should not have coin chests

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Do I want suspicious chests so I can get coins? Aboslutely
Do I think my rankings will suffer because others will farm chests for scores more than I do? Not really.

I’m torn. I worry the addition of chests would push me out of the top 10K so it might not be a net positive for me.

Why aren’t coins part of the ranking loot?

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Valid points but also it gives people more incentives to replay and improve their scores, so it works both ways.

But currently as the loot is so bad the extra coins would be a massive help for players of all levels.

I’m really encouraged by all the voting.


People want free stuff, it’s not a surprise they are voting for it. The rewards overall in this event could be increased, that’s widely agreed.


If they were to be making any types of loot changes I’d be far happier to see tier completion rewards similar to challenge events or as this is in the rotation with towers equivalent of the chests through to floor 25 of normal.


Let’s get this to 100 votes :+1:


lol why allow 2 options? there’s only 2 options

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Because it’s my poll


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I just came to see what CoK meant.

Disappointed really.


Yes, some people can’t wait for CoK in the morning

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The post I wanted to write would almost certainly be flagged :joy:


Ah well, in for a penny…

Some do like CoK in the morning…But there are plenty who prefer it in the evening. Those who love spontaneous CoK are rarer still.

Some would like a longer duration with CoK, others a greater frequency of CoK.

I think we can all agree, that a good CoK performance should bring better rewards.


:grinning: Everyone, please vote for Clash of Knights coin chests.

Just to be clear


more coins = a YES for me, especially as I only play the Alliance quests to complete, anyway!


Yes, I’d like to see Suspicious enemies show up for Alliance Quests (e.g. Clash of Knights, Brave Musketeers, and whatever else Alliance Quests might come in the future). Having a similar format with Challenge Quests should also end up preventing the problems of somehow having Challenge event accidentally use Alliance Quest format and devoid of Suspicious Chest and devs having to apologize and give coins “after” the event, and people still being upset because coins given cannot be used until the next time the event comes around and the amount or they think the coins given aren’t what they think they deserve.

If I remember correctly, wasn’t the first Carnival of Gods, because the mobs are mana-capable (e.g. Elite Enemies), ended up using the CoK/BM format by mistake and so there were no suspicious chests, and devs have to give coins afterwards?

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