Please buff ….. Wanted chests

Kinda losing the point of finishing anything anymore ….

… 1 blem? …… who comes up with this stuff ?

Who hurt you as a child?

I used to do 4 chests a day… now I struggle for one…


It seems to be more likely an “Idea / Feature Request” so I have moved this topic to that category so that people can vote.

I agree with you, these chests are almost worthless.
I do maximum 2 if I have tournament flags to use.
Otherwise 1 of this is more than enough per a day.


Thank you!! Mmm seems really useless 1 emblem…. Day I’ve been playing for 2 years soo…. lol the math any way. Ty.

Some Wanted Chests really are dissapointing. For as rare as they are - I´d love to see better loot from them too :pray:

Perhaps the system could be made so, the further you are in game, the better the loot?

If you have ascended every single four star you own, and are working on your five stars, then it would certainly be nice to get materials for those. And if you have just started the game, then perhaps gloves/compasses wouldn´t be the worst to get? Things like that? Could be something to work towards. :blush:

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The loot on these chests is definitely not worth spending Gems on anymore for speeding up the cool down.
Even for the Elemental chests, I do not spend flasks anymore, which I used to do to get the ‘good loot’ as soon as possible.
Already waiting couple of months for a damascus blade from a chest or titan loot or non-farholme-quest.


on the titans too it’s horrible
finish top A+ or A and not have a big loot.
there should be a diference between loot rank A+ , A , B, C
the better you finish and the better the loot
the person who makes the biggest hit should also have a special loot


dont spend all those gems in one place :sigh:

i feel ya, the loot does deserve an upgrade

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Hahahahaha, oh Teaaaaa. You already know it’s all crap anyways :wink:

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… some reason… it really bothering me lately… wth I’m suppose to do with one emblem and a gem… how can someone be so greedy with
virtual rewards…

seriously… no newer player is going…
YAY a blem…

If there are newer players?

I don’t agree…

doesn’t help with sharing…

but I see your point.

also there is a precent difference… I’ll like the refence in a bit…

I agree with Tea. Its utterly ridiculous the loot now. This needs fixing.

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Especially when you have an alliance member bragging about his tonic loot for a C, for god’s sake.

That’s so you share the titan and don’t have meanies hogging it …. Also nothing to do with wanted chests