Please buff Thorne and other weaker 5* heros

It’s really disappointing only seeing the same 10 heros in the top 100. We need more end game team variety and I feel that buffing some of the weaker 5 star heros would really help this.

For instance Thorne could have a +35-40% damage buff similar to Grimm and make him a fast mana gen hero.

Elena should have her mana speed raised to average and her armor rating raised to somewhere in the 700s so that she is a viable tank as her special skill is mainly defensive (maybe lower her attack into the 700s to compensate)

Quintus needs some kind of secondary effect to compliment his skill (as literally just about every other 5* hero has like 2 or 3 secondary effects… this is just unfair to him)

Obakan could have his counter attack effect spread to nearby allies to make him more viable and increase it to 5 turns and increase his % damage to 300%

Horghall - increase his - attack% secondary effect to 65% or higher and increase his armor

Azlar - increaes his attack % to 235-250%

elkanen - increase his attack% to 360%-400%

What do you guys think? some of these might be a little too much but some of the 5 star heroes definitely need some love. Thorne especially

i think its fine like it is…they did nerf elkanen…leonidas…kadilen…and there will be plenty more different hereos in the future

Looks like they were overnerfed. It’s one thing to balance a character or class it’s another to nerf it into the ground… but then again this is a common tactic by “Free to play games” They always introduce New and shiny heros that always start out overpowered and then they nerf them into the ground so that people rush to buy the next new shiny hero.

Leonidas however I feel is actually fairly balanced maybe on the weaker side but still pretty end game viable.

Maybe just maybe the new beta has some more buffs…wink wink :slight_smile:


subtle sleeper. well done! :wink: :laughing:

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