Please ask your alliance mates to join the discussion here at the forums

Specifically, we need more feedback here routinely, re: beta beat threads. If we want SG to stop pushing bad ideas, the only recourses we have are 1) stop playing 2) stop spending 3) tank the app store ratings 4) overwhelm them with feedback.

1 hurts everyone (player base shrinks). 2 hurts everyone and is hard to do (less money to SG = eventual death of game, people obviously do like spending). 3 works to some degree, but is dishonest and app stores (specifically google’s) will detect an intentional campaign to tank a score and filter out ride-the-wave type scores. 4 seems to have temporarily caused them to reevaluate costumes for OP heroes (though only temporarily).

Please ask your alliance mates to join and take part in the discussion in the beta beat threads.

Thanks for your time.


Ok, I know I’m a cynic… but I’m pretty sure the only thing Zynga/SG uses to make game decisions is their marketing metrics. They pay almost no attention to the forum.


They immediately closed the first beta due to overwhelmingly negative feedback. We need to do that again. Send them back to their rooms with no dessert.


there is only one possible way “stop spending”, no discussion :slight_smile: when you don’t pay, you don’t addicted no sick, game is only fun and you may live yours real life

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No 4 is still on. Two costumes for Killhare and Lepus now in beta. Expected for Springvale.

The Developer doesn’t listen. They only pulled back a wee bit due to the overwhelming negative response when the sneak peek was released.

They will still go ahead when timing is right.

Only way to “rein them in” is (1) stop spending or (2) exit if you don’t like the direction this game is going. It’s always a personal choice.

Enough like minded players translates into a “class action” of sorts.

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My alliance leader has been bullied and the others don’t like the toxicity (I tried) as total indifference by SG to issues that don’t cost them money. They (alli members) just choose to learn from us and want no part of this place.

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People are so overreacting to the costumes. These are rare pulls at summons that come once or twice a year for the most part. 6 times a year for things in Tavern.

If you’re playing at the very top top you’ll see them but 98% will hardly ever see these costumes the way it’s structured and it just baffles me how hysterical some are getting over it.

SG needs the event portals to remain attractive to whales once they have all the heros. The answers are costumes and new events that space out the events to every 10 months instead of 5.

SGG no care about players opinions. They want more money - it’s all what you need to know. I’d rather leave this forum myself than invite someone here :slight_smile:

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Closed and opened again after just few weeks :slight_smile: No matter what do you think - SGG already have new costumes and they will release it in any case.


i saved 22 ett and spend them in effort to gain ninja troops, no one! only 3* classic troops, i had 100 ninja coins and get karil :wink: that is reality of F2P… when i will buy gems i have more chance to get more 3* troops and 3* heroes?! :slight_smile:

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No, you just will get more Karil’s with the same chances :slight_smile:

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Well… I will take flags

Here it comes…

Breaking the rules…

Don’t look at this image of Springvale from beta:


For me it’s less about the costumes for premium heroes that don’t need it.

And much more about, premium heroes
That I already paid for
And DO need it…!

Balance updates are free. And gone…
Now you will pay for the buffs for heroes you already paid for so that they can continue releasing stronger and stronger content. It’s really shameful, and worse…
It’s probably going to work…

financially, that is…
But variety will suffer


It’s a game . The rules will always favor P2W . If you can gain enjoyment from it without spending that’s great . If you can’t just leave . Their gaming for profit model won’t change nor would yours if you were in their shoes . If you happen to find a game where F2P are treated the same as P2W stay there and enjoy it . That is my clans stance . Be well fight well

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Not convinced by that argument. I have spent ten times as much as a fellow alliance member and his roster rocks mine.

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Meh after spending over 20k in another game only to keep chasing the carrot it’s not an argument it’s reality . I’m learning to enjoy what I have and how I can use it . This game is scratch tickets . Keep buying them and you may win the jackpot but there is a pile of losers just sitting on the floor . What’s the jackpot here a pixel medal ? To each their own . I don’t discourage spending because I have done it . It has its rewards . I also know that the P2W will never get enough stuff to compete . This week 5 star tournament I’m already smoked . I’m ok with it . Could I spend another 20-30 k here hell yeah . For what though a few emblems and trinkets ?? I’m good

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